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2012: Doomsday cover

2012: Doomsday

2008 - Cliff De Young

2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus

2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus

2021 - Joshua Wesely, Simon Wesely

3D Musicalen cover

3D Musicalen

1997 - Gitten Havneraas

40 Nights

40 Nights

2016 - Jesse Low

A Cowgirl’s Story

A Cowgirl’s Story

2017 - Timothy Armstrong

A Letter for Joe

A Letter for Joe

2013 - De Miller

A Matter of Faith

A Matter of Faith

2014 - Rich Christiano

A Question of Faith cover

A Question of Faith

2000 - Tim Disney

A Time For Miracles cover

A Time For Miracles

1980 - Michael O'Herlihy

Alone Yet Not Alone

Alone Yet Not Alone

2013 - George D. Escobar, Ray Bengston

Amish Grace cover

Amish Grace

2010 - Gregg Champion

Anno Domini cover

Anno Domini

1985 - Stuart Cooper

Another Perfect Stranger cover

Another Perfect Stranger

2007 - Jefferson Moore, Shane Sooter

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper cover

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper

2012 - Gabriel Sabloff

Appalachian Trial cover

Appalachian Trial

2005 - Tim Rogers

Bambus om vinteren cover

Bambus om vinteren

1991 - Bill Myers

Bells of Innocence cover

Bells of Innocence

2003 - Ali Bijan

Bibelen: Paulus cover

Bibelen: Paulus

2000 - Roger Young

Bible, The: In the Beginning... cover

Bible, The: In the Beginning...

1966 - John Huston

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries cover

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries

2013 - Christopher Spencer, Crispin Reece, Ton

Billy: The Early Years cover

Billy: The Early Years

2008 - Robby Benson

Birdie & Bogey cover

Birdie & Bogey

2004 - Mike Norris

Board, The cover

Board, The

2009 - Brett Varvel

Body, The cover

Body, The

2001 - Jonas McCord

Bringing Up Bobby cover

Bringing Up Bobby

2009 - Chris Staron

The Case for Christ

Case for Christ, The

2017 - Jon Gunn

The Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle, The

2013 - John Stephenson

Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress

2016 - Alan Peterson

Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace

2013 - Keith Perna

Christmas Lodge cover

Christmas Lodge

2011 - Terry Ingram

Clancy cover


2009 - Jefferson Moore

Close to Jesus: Judas cover

Close to Jesus: Judas

2001 - Raffaele Mertes

Come Sunday

Come Sunday

2018 - Joshua Marston

Courageous cover


2011 - Alex Kendrick

Crossing Ways cover

Crossing Ways

2005 - Tom Swaida

Crusade - A March Through Time cover

Crusade - A March Through Time

2007 - Ben Sombogaart

The Current

Current, The

2014 - Nikita Zubarev

David and Bathsheba cover

David and Bathsheba

1951 - Henry King

Daylight Zone, The cover

Daylight Zone, The

1986 - Dave Christiano

Den lille gjetergutten cover

Den lille gjetergutten

2002 - Walt Kubiak

Den Siste Tempelridder cover

Den Siste Tempelridder

2009 - Paolo Barzman

Det syvende innseglet cover

Det syvende innseglet

1957 - Ingmar Bergman



2019 - Jorunn Myklebust Syversen

Disconnect. Reconnect.

Disconnect. Reconnect.

2013 - David Matthew Weese

Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?

2015 - Jon Gunn

Drømmen om Narnia 3 - Sølvstolen

Drømmen om Narnia 3 - Sølvstolen

1990 - Alex Kirby

Encounter, The cover

Encounter, The

2010 - David A. R. White

Evolution vs. God cover

Evolution vs. God

2013 - Ray Comfort

Exorcism of Emily Rose, The cover

Exorcism of Emily Rose, The

2005 - Scott Derrickson

Faith Like Potatoes cover

Faith Like Potatoes

2006 - Regardt van den Bergh

Faith, Hope & Love

Faith, Hope & Love

2019 - J.J. Englert, Robert Krantz

Fangene i Auschwitz cover

Fangene i Auschwitz

2008 - Andy DeEmmony

Dolly Parton's Heartstrings

Fortellinger fra Dolly Partons San

2019 - Andrew Fleming, Erica Dunton, Joe Lazar

George W. Bush: En troende i Det hvite hus cover

George W. Bush: En troende i Det h

2004 - David W. Balsiger

Gifted Hands cover

Gifted Hands

2009 - Thomas Carter

God Bless the Broken Road

God Bless the Broken Road

2018 - Harold Cronk

God's Army cover

God's Army

1995 - Gregory Widen

God's Outlaw cover

God's Outlaw

1986 - Tony Tew

Good Test, The cover

Good Test, The

2003 - Jim Tetlow

Gospa cover


1995 - Jakov Sedlar

Gospel Music of Johnny Cash, The cover

Gospel Music of Johnny Cash, The

2007 - Michael Merriman

Grace Unplugged

Grace Unplugged

2013 - Brad J. Silverman

Greatest Story Ever Told, The cover

Greatest Story Ever Told, The

1965 - George Stevens

God’s Not Dead

Gud er ikke død

2014 - Harold Cronk

Gud er ikke død 2

Gud er ikke død 2

2016 - Harold Cronk

Hardflip cover


2012 - Johnny Remo

Heaven's Door cover

Heaven's Door

2013 - Craig Clyde

Henry Poole Is Here cover

Henry Poole Is Here

2008 - Mark Pellington

Hidden Places cover

Hidden Places

2006 - Yelena Lanskaya

Higher Ground cover

Higher Ground

2011 - Vera Farmiga

Historier fra Bibelen - Jesu mirakler cover

Historier fra Bibelen - Jesu mirakler

1991 - Don Lusk, Ray Patterson

I Still Believe

I Still Believe

2020 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

In the Blink of an Eye cover

In the Blink of an Eye

2009 - Michael Sinclair

Jesus Camp cover

Jesus Camp

2006 - Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady

Jesus, Mary and Joey cover

Jesus, Mary and Joey

2006 - James Quattrochi

Joni cover


1980 - James F. Collier

King's Faith

King's Faith

2013 - Nicholas DiBella

Klokkene i St. Mary cover

Klokkene i St. Mary

1945 - Leo McCarey

Left Behind

Left Behind

2014 - Vic Armstrong

Letters to God cover

Letters to God

2010 - David Nixon, Patrick Doughtie

Lintu ja kala cover

Lintu ja kala

2005 - Anna Peräaho

Little Boy

Little Boy

2015 - Alejandro Gomez Monteverde

Lord, Save Us from Your Followers cover

Lord, Save Us from Your Followers

2008 - Dan Merchant

Love Comes Softly cover

Love Comes Softly

2003 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love Takes Wing cover

Love Takes Wing

2009 - Lou Diamond Phillips

Luther cover


2003 - Eric Till

Man of Faith cover

Man of Faith

2002 - Damian Chapa

The Man Who Was Thursday

Man Who Was Thursday, The

2016 - Balazs Juszt

Maria Magdalena

Maria Magdalena

2018 - Garth Davis

Mark, The cover

Mark, The

2012 - James Chankin

Martin Luther cover

Martin Luther

1953 - Irving Pichel

Miracle of the Cards, The cover

Miracle of the Cards, The

2001 - Mark Griffiths

Miracle of the Widow cover

Miracle of the Widow

2009 - Paul Stoos

Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven

2016 - Patricia Riggen

Mirakler til salgs cover

Mirakler til salgs

1992 - Richard Pearce

Mission, The cover

Mission, The

1986 - Roland Joffe

My Summer of Love cover

My Summer of Love

2004 - Pawel Pawlikowski

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 4

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 4

2017 - Martin Wood, Michael Landon Jr., Mike R

Nattverdsgjestene cover


1963 - Ingmar Bergman

Nazarin cover


1959 - Luis Buñuel

New Hope cover

New Hope

2012 - Rodney Ray

Nikolai cover


1986 - Tony Tew

No Greater Love cover

No Greater Love

2009 - Brad J. Silverman

No Ordinary Shepherd

No Ordinary Shepherd

2014 - John Lyde

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

2018 - Alexandre Avancini

Nothing to Lose 2

Nothing to Lose 2

2019 - Alexandre Avancini

Oh, God! cover

Oh, God!

1977 - Carl Reiner

Om Guder og Mennesker cover

Om Guder og Mennesker

2010 - Xavier Beauvois

One Lamb, The cover

One Lamb, The

2009 - Bryan Forrest

Other Side of Heaven, The cover

Other Side of Heaven, The

2001 - Mitch Davis

Pilgrim's Progress cover

Pilgrim's Progress

1979 - Ken Anderson

Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress

2018 - Robert Fernandez

The Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress, The

2017 - David West



2015 - Joe Henline

The Potential Inside

Potential Inside, The

2010 - Scotty Curlee

Prosecutor, The cover

Prosecutor, The

1983 - Barry Zoeller

Purple State of Mind cover

Purple State of Mind

2008 - Craig Detweiler, John Marks

Quo Vadis cover

Quo Vadis

1951 - Anthony Mann, Mervyn LeRoy

Rapture, The cover

Rapture, The

1991 - Michael Tolkin

Religulous cover


2008 - Larry Charles

The Road to Emmaus, PA

Road to Emmaus, PA, The

2008 - Mark Denney

Rust cover


2010 - Corbin Bernsen

Sarah's Choice cover

Sarah's Choice

2009 - Chad Kapper

Saved! cover


2004 - Brian Dannelly

Screen Door Jesus cover

Screen Door Jesus

2003 - Kirk Davis

The Shack

Shack, The

2017 - Stuart Hazeldine

Shadowlands cover


1993 - Richard Attenborough

Six: The Mark Unleashed cover

Six: The Mark Unleashed

2004 - Kevin Downes

Solomon Kane cover

Solomon Kane

2009 - Michael J. Bassett

Song of Bernadette, The cover

Song of Bernadette, The

1943 - Henry King

Soul Surfer cover

Soul Surfer

2011 - Sean McNamara

The Sound of the Spirit

Sound of the Spirit, The

2012 - Michael Robert Wolf

Theory Of Everything, The cover

Theory Of Everything, The

2006 - David de Vos

Third Miracle, The cover

Third Miracle, The

1999 - Agnieszka Holland

Though None Go With Me cover

Though None Go With Me

2006 - Armand Mastroianni

Too Saved cover

Too Saved

2007 - Shuaib Mitchell

The Two Popes

Two Popes, The

2019 - Fernando Meirelles



2012 - Brent McCorkle

Undaunted cover


2011 - Cristobal Krusen


Unorthodox- Sesong 1

2020 - Maria Schrader



2019 - Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman

Vår Frue

Vår Frue

2015 - Joana Mariani, Leticia Giffoni

Wager, The cover

Wager, The

2007 - Judson Pearce Morgan

Widow's Might, The cover

Widow's Might, The

2009 - John R. Moore



2016 - Nicholas DiBella

Will Faith Do Us Part?

Will Faith Do Us Part?

2020 - David Peters, Kathi Peters



2015 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin
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