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A Serious Man cover

A Serious Man

2009 - Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Alone Yet Not Alone

Alone Yet Not Alone

2013 - George D. Escobar, Ray Bengston

Billy: The Early Years cover

Billy: The Early Years

2008 - Robby Benson

Book of Ruth, The: Journey of Faith cover

Book of Ruth, The: Journey of Faith

2009 - Stephen Patrick Walker

Break Away

Break Away

2012 - Morne Theunissen, Frans Cronje

Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace

2013 - Keith Perna

Christmas on the Range

Christmas on the Range

2019 - Gary Wheeler

Christmas with a Capital C cover

Christmas with a Capital C

2010 - Helmut Schleppi

Come Sunday

Come Sunday

2018 - Joshua Marston

Courageous cover


2011 - Alex Kendrick

Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?

2015 - Jon Gunn

The Fool

Fool, The

2018 - Ray Comfort

Freedom of Silence, The cover

Freedom of Silence, The

2011 - Richard Robertson

Gandhi cover


1982 - Richard Attenborough

Hidden Places cover

Hidden Places

2006 - Yelena Lanskaya

High Priestess - Pope Joan, The cover

High Priestess - Pope Joan, The

2009 - Sönke Wortmann

Joseph's Gift cover

Joseph's Gift

1998 - Philippe Mora

Let God

Let God

2013 - William Parker

Like Arrows

Like Arrows

2018 - Kevin Peeples

Love's Everlasting Courage cover

Love's Everlasting Courage

2011 - Bradford May

Midnight Clear cover

Midnight Clear

2006 - Dallas Jenkins

Midnight Clear (kort versjon) cover

Midnight Clear (kort versjon)

2005 - Dallas Jenkins

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

2018 - Alexandre Avancini

Nothing to Lose 2

Nothing to Lose 2

2019 - Alexandre Avancini

Other Side of Heaven, The cover

Other Side of Heaven, The

2001 - Mitch Davis

Paper Dream

Paper Dream

2012 - Kendra White

The Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress, The

2017 - David West

Sixty Six cover

Sixty Six

2006 - Paul Weiland

Svart Narcissus cover

Svart Narcissus

1947 - Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger

Wager, The cover

Wager, The

2007 - Judson Pearce Morgan
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