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Mirakler (52 filmer)

90 Minutes in Heaven

90 Minutes in Heaven

2015 - Michael Polish

A Gift of Miracles

A Gift of Miracles

2015 - Neill Fearnley

A Question of Faith cover

A Question of Faith

2000 - Tim Disney

A Time For Miracles cover

A Time For Miracles

1980 - Michael O'Herlihy

A.D. The Bible Continues

A.D. The Bible Continues

2015 - Paul Wilmshurst, Brian Kelly, Rob Evans

Asfaltevangeliet cover


2006 - David Åleskjær

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries cover

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries

2013 - Crispin Reece, Tony Mitchell, Christoph

Birdie & Bogey cover

Birdie & Bogey

2004 - Mike Norris

Bruce Almighty cover

Bruce Almighty

2003 - Tom Shadyac

The Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle, The

2013 - John Stephenson

Dante 01 cover

Dante 01

2008 - Marc Caro

Encounter, The cover

Encounter, The

2010 - David A. R. White

Evan den allmektige cover

Evan den allmektige

2007 - Tom Shadyac

Faith Like Potatoes cover

Faith Like Potatoes

2006 - Regardt van den Bergh

Gospa cover


1995 - Jakov Sedlar

Gospel Road, The cover

Gospel Road, The

1973 - Robert Elfstrom

Greatest Story Ever Told, The cover

Greatest Story Ever Told, The

1965 - George Stevens

Heaven's Door cover

Heaven's Door

2013 - Craig Clyde

Henry Poole Is Here cover

Henry Poole Is Here

2008 - Mark Pellington

Hero: The Rock Opera cover

Hero: The Rock Opera

2004 - Eric Welch

Historier fra Bibelen - Jesu mirakler cover

Historier fra Bibelen - Jesu mirakler

1991 - Don Lusk, Ray Patterson

I am... Gabriel cover

I am... Gabriel

2012 - Mike Norris

I Miraklenes Tid cover

I Miraklenes Tid

2000 - Derek W. Hayes, Stanislav Sokolov

In the Arms of Angels cover

In the Arms of Angels

2003 - T. C. Christensen

Jesus cover


1979 - John Krish, Peter Sykes

Jesus & Josefine cover

Jesus & Josefine

2003 - Carsten Myllerup

Jesus of Nazareth cover

Jesus of Nazareth

1977 - Franco Zeffirelli

Johannesevangeliet cover


2003 - Philip Saville

Joshua cover


2002 - Jon Purdy

Judas cover


2004 - Charles Robert Carner

King of Kings cover

King of Kings

1961 - Nicholas Ray

King of Kings, The cover

King of Kings, The

1927 - Cecil B. DeMille

Maria Magdalena

Maria Magdalena

2018 - Garth Davis

Mary of Nazareth

Mary of Nazareth

2012 - Giacomo Campiotti

Mary, Mother of Jesus cover

Mary, Mother of Jesus

1999 - Kevin Connor

Matteusevangeliet cover


1964 - Pier Paolo Pasolini

Miracle at St. Anna cover

Miracle at St. Anna

2008 - Spike Lee

Miracle of the Widow cover

Miracle of the Widow

2009 - Paul Stoos

Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven

2016 - Patricia Riggen

Mirakler til salgs cover

Mirakler til salgs

1992 - Richard Pearce

Miraklet i Lourdes cover

Miraklet i Lourdes

2009 - Jessica Hausner

O Brother, Where Art Thou? cover

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

2000 - Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Oh, God! cover

Oh, God!

1977 - Carl Reiner

Ordet cover


1955 - Carl Theodor Dreyer

Pray. cover


2007 - Dr. Matt Mitchell

Reaping, The cover

Reaping, The

2007 - Stephen Hopkins



2016 - Kevin Reynolds

Saint Ralph cover

Saint Ralph

2004 - Michael McGowan

Saint Rita cover

Saint Rita

2004 - Giorgio Capitani

Screen Door Jesus cover

Screen Door Jesus

2003 - Kirk Davis

Song of Bernadette, The cover

Song of Bernadette, The

1943 - Henry King

Third Miracle, The cover

Third Miracle, The

1999 - Agnieszka Holland
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