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A Man Called Peter cover

A Man Called Peter

1955 - Henry Koster

A.D. The Bible Continues

A.D. The Bible Continues

2015 - Paul Wilmshurst, Brian Kelly, Rob Evans

Anno Domini cover

Anno Domini

1985 - Stuart Cooper

Asfaltevangeliet cover


2006 - David Åleskjær

Ben Hur

Ben Hur

1959 - William Wyler

Death of an Angel cover

Death of an Angel

1986 - Petru Popescu

Elmer Gantry cover

Elmer Gantry

1960 - Richard Brooks

Heaven's Door cover

Heaven's Door

2013 - Craig Clyde

Himmelen revner cover

Himmelen revner

2004 - Erling Borgen

Historier fra Bibelen - Jesu mirakler cover

Historier fra Bibelen - Jesu mirakler

1991 - Don Lusk, Ray Patterson

Island, The cover

Island, The

2006 - Pavel Lungin

Jesus cover


1979 - John Krish, Peter Sykes

Jesus & Josefine cover

Jesus & Josefine

2003 - Carsten Myllerup

Jesus of Nazareth cover

Jesus of Nazareth

1977 - Franco Zeffirelli

Jesus, Mary and Joey cover

Jesus, Mary and Joey

2006 - James Quattrochi

Johannesevangeliet cover


2003 - Philip Saville

Joshua cover


2002 - Jon Purdy

Judas cover


2004 - Charles Robert Carner

Judas Project, The cover

Judas Project, The

1990 - James H. Barden

King of Kings cover

King of Kings

1961 - Nicholas Ray

La vie et la passion de Jésus-Christ

La vie et la Passion de Jésus-Christ

1898 - Louis Lumière, Georges Hatot

Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, The cover

Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, The

1905 - Lucien Nonguet, Ferdinand Zecca

Life of Brian - Profeten Brians liv og historie cover

Life of Brian - Profeten Brians li

1979 - Terry Jones

Man of Faith cover

Man of Faith

2002 - Damian Chapa

Men jeg så ham dø cover

Men jeg så ham dø

1953 - Henry Koster

Miracle of the Cards, The cover

Miracle of the Cards, The

2001 - Mark Griffiths

Mirakler til salgs cover

Mirakler til salgs

1992 - Richard Pearce

Miraklet i Lourdes cover

Miraklet i Lourdes

2009 - Jessica Hausner

Promised a Miracle cover

Promised a Miracle

1988 - Stephen Gyllenhaal

Scars That Heal cover

Scars That Heal

1993 - Rocky Lane

Son of Man cover

Son of Man

2006 - Mark Dornford-May

Song of Bernadette, The cover

Song of Bernadette, The

1943 - Henry King

Stealing God cover

Stealing God

2005 - Dave Swuz

Trial, The cover

Trial, The

2010 - Gary Wheeler

Visitation, The cover

Visitation, The

2006 - Robby Henson



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