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Evangelisering (44 filmer)

180 cover


2011 - Ray Comfort

A Greater Yes cover

A Greater Yes

2009 - Bradley Dorsey

A.D. The Bible Continues

A.D. The Bible Continues

2015 - Brian Kelly, Ciaran Donnelly, Paul Wilm

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper cover

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper

2012 - Gabriel Sabloff

Billy Graham: Guds Ambassadør cover

Billy Graham: Guds Ambassadør

2006 - Michael Merriman

Billy: The Early Years cover

Billy: The Early Years

2008 - Robby Benson

Board, The cover

Board, The

2009 - Brett Varvel

C Me Dance cover

C Me Dance

2009 - Greg Robbins

Caught cover


1987 - James F. Collier

Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace

2013 - Keith Perna

De største mirakler: Saul av Tarsus cover

De største mirakler: Saul av Tarsus

1990 - Richard Rich

Dialtone cover


2009 - Brian Lohr

Dogs Can Talk

Dogs Can Talk

2018 - Ray Comfort

End of the Trail

End of the Trail

2019 - Barry Tolli

Evolution vs. God cover

Evolution vs. God

2013 - Ray Comfort

Faith Like Potatoes cover

Faith Like Potatoes

2006 - Regardt van den Bergh

The Fool

Fool, The

2018 - Ray Comfort

The Good Book

Good Book, The

2014 - Sharon Wilharm

Good Test, The cover

Good Test, The

2003 - Jim Tetlow

The Gospel Blimp

Gospel Blimp, The

1967 - Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.

Hell House cover

Hell House

2001 - George Ratliff

Himmelen revner cover

Himmelen revner

2004 - Erling Borgen

I skyggen av korset cover

I skyggen av korset

1981 - Robert Day

In the Blink of an Eye cover

In the Blink of an Eye

2009 - Michael Sinclair

Jesus cover


1979 - John Krish, Peter Sykes

Jesus Camp cover

Jesus Camp

2006 - Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady

Late One Night cover

Late One Night

2001 - Dave Christiano

Lay It Down cover

Lay It Down

2001 - Michael Cargile

Levende Bibel: Apostlenes gjerninger cover

Levende Bibel: Apostlenes gjerninger

1994 - Regardt van den Bergh

Man of Faith cover

Man of Faith

2002 - Damian Chapa

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

2018 - Alexandre Avancini



2004 - Pamela Mason Wagner

Paul: The Emissary cover

Paul: The Emissary

1997 - Robert Marcarelli

The Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress, The

2017 - David West

Rapture, The cover

Rapture, The

1991 - Michael Tolkin

Saved! cover


2004 - Brian Dannelly

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, The cover

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, The

2009 - Rich Christiano

St. Peter cover

St. Peter

2005 - Giulio Base

Stealing God cover

Stealing God

2005 - Dave Swuz

Teenage Christmas

Teenage Christmas

1960 - Harold Schuster

Torchlighters: The St. Patrick Story

Torchlighters: The St. Patrick Story

2020 - Robert Fernandez

Tortured for Christ

Tortured for Christ

2018 - John Grooters



2015 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Your Love Broke Through: The Keith Green Story cover

Your Love Broke Through: The Keith

2002 - Daren Thomas
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