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Drama (708 filmer)

1500 Steps

1500 Steps

2014 - Josh Reid

2012 cover


2009 - Roland Emmerich

2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus

2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus

2021 - Joshua Wesely, Simon Wesely

40 Nights

40 Nights

2016 - Jesse Low

48 Angels cover

48 Angels

2006 - Marion Gomer

7th Heaven - Sesong 1 cover

7th Heaven - Sesong 1

1996 - Burt Brinckerhoff, David Semel, Duwayne

7th Heaven - Sesong 2 cover

7th Heaven - Sesong 2

1997 - Burt Brinckerhoff, David Semel, Gabriel

7th Heaven - Sesong 3 cover

7th Heaven - Sesong 3

1999 - Anson Williams, Bradley M. Gross, Burt

90 Minutes in Heaven

90 Minutes in Heaven

2015 - Michael Polish

A Distant Thunder

A Distant Thunder

1978 - Donald W. Thompson

A Gift of Miracles

A Gift of Miracles

2015 - Neill Fearnley

A Greater Yes cover

A Greater Yes

2009 - Bradley Dorsey

A Horse Called Bear

A Horse Called Bear

2015 - Daniel Knudsen

A Letter for Joe

A Letter for Joe

2013 - De Miller

A Letter to Dad cover

A Letter to Dad

2009 - Johnny Remo

A Long Way Home cover

A Long Way Home

1986 - Bill Myers

A Man Called Peter cover

A Man Called Peter

1955 - Henry Koster

A Matter of Faith

A Matter of Faith

2014 - Rich Christiano

A Mighty Heart cover

A Mighty Heart

2007 - Michael Winterbottom

A Question of Faith cover

A Question of Faith

2000 - Tim Disney

A Shepherd of Pure Heart cover

A Shepherd of Pure Heart

2005 - Keith L. Garside

A Song from the Heart cover

A Song from the Heart

1999 - Marcus Cole

A Thief in the Night

A Thief in the Night

1972 - Donald W. Thompson

A Time For Miracles cover

A Time For Miracles

1980 - Michael O'Herlihy

A Walk to Remember cover

A Walk to Remember

2002 - Adam Shankman

A Week Away

A Week Away

2021 - Roman White

A.D. The Bible Continues

A.D. The Bible Continues

2015 - Brian Kelly, Ciaran Donnelly, Paul Wilm

Abel's Field cover

Abel's Field

2012 - Gordie Haakstad

Abraham: The Friend of God cover

Abraham: The Friend of God

2008 - Mohammad Reza Varzi

Afrikadronningen cover


1951 - John Huston

Against All Hope cover

Against All Hope

1982 - Edward T. McDougal

Agent Abbey cover

Agent Abbey

2004 - Stephen Yake

Agnes of God cover

Agnes of God

1985 - Norman Jewison

Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei

2016 - Anne Fontaine

Agora cover


2009 - Alejandro Amenábar

Ali's Wedding

Ali's Wedding

2017 - Jeffrey Walker

Alone Yet Not Alone

Alone Yet Not Alone

2013 - George D. Escobar, Ray Bengston

Amazing Grace cover

Amazing Grace

2006 - Michael Apted

Amen cover


2002 - Costa-Gavras

American, The cover

American, The

2010 - Anton Corbijn

Amish Grace cover

Amish Grace

2010 - Gregg Champion

An Interview with God

An Interview with God

2018 - Perry Lang

An Uncommon Union cover

An Uncommon Union

2004 - John Jackman

Andrej Rubljov cover

Andrej Rubljov

1966 - Andrei Tarkovsky

Angel Doll, The cover

Angel Doll, The

2002 - Alexander Johnston

Angels in the Snow

Angels in the Snow

2015 - George Erschbamer

Anne Frank: The Whole Story

Anne Frank: The Whole Story

2001 - Robert Dornhelm

Anne Franks siste dager cover

Anne Franks siste dager

1988 - John Erman

Anno Domini cover

Anno Domini

1985 - Stuart Cooper

Another Perfect Stranger cover

Another Perfect Stranger

2007 - Jefferson Moore, Shane Sooter

Any Day

Any Day

2015 - Rustam Branaman

Apocalypse cover


1998 - Peter Gerretsen

Apocalypse, The cover

Apocalypse, The

2007 - Justin Jones

The Apostate

Apostate, The

2015 - Federico Veiroj

Apostelen cover


1997 - Robert Duvall

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper cover

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper

2012 - Gabriel Sabloff

Appointment, The cover

Appointment, The

1991 - Rich Christiano

The Ark

Ark, The

2015 - Kenneth Glenaan

Arn - Riket ved veiens ende cover

Arn - Riket ved veiens ende

2008 - Peter Flinth

Arn - Tempelridderen cover

Arn - Tempelridderen

2007 - Peter Flinth



2007 - Diane Crespo, Stefan C. Schaefer

Asfaltevangeliet cover


2006 - David Åleskjær

Ave Maryam

Ave Maryam

2019 - Robby Ertanto

Away - Sesong 1

Away - Sesong 1

2020 - Bronwen Hughes, Charlotte Brändström, D

Ayn Rands lidenskap cover

Ayn Rands lidenskap

1999 - Christopher Menaul

Babettes gjestebud cover

Babettes gjestebud

1987 - Gabriel Axel

Backroads and Lilies

Backroads and Lilies

2013 - Jefferson Moore

Bakenfor solen cover

Bakenfor solen

1995 - Robin Armstrong

Bambus om vinteren cover

Bambus om vinteren

1991 - Bill Myers

Barabbas cover


1961 - Richard Fleischer

Beautiful One

Beautiful One

2023 - Mike Dornbirer

Begynnelsen cover


2000 - Kevin Connor

Behind the Mask cover

Behind the Mask

1999 - Tom McLoughlin

Believer, The cover

Believer, The

2001 - Henry Bean

Bella cover


2006 - Alejandro Gomez Monteverde

Belle and the Beast: A Christian Romance cover

Belle and the Beast: A Christian R

2007 - Brian Brough

Ben Hur

Ben Hur

1959 - William Wyler

Ben Hur cover

Ben Hur

2010 - Steve Shill

Between the Walls cover

Between the Walls

2006 - Chris Staron

Beyond the Mask

Beyond the Mask

2015 - Chad Burns

Bibelen: Abraham cover

Bibelen: Abraham

1994 - Joseph Sargent

Bibelen: David cover

Bibelen: David

1997 - Robert Markowitz

Bibelen: Ester cover

Bibelen: Ester

1998 - Raffaele Mertes

Bibelen: Genesis cover

Bibelen: Genesis

1994 - Ermanno Olmi

Bibelen: Jakob cover

Bibelen: Jakob

1994 - Peter Hall

Bibelen: Jeremia cover

Bibelen: Jeremia

1998 - Harry Winer

Bibelen: Jesus cover

Bibelen: Jesus

1999 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Johannes Åpenbaring cover

Bibelen: Johannes Åpenbaring

2002 - Raffaele Mertes

Bibelen: Josef cover

Bibelen: Josef

1995 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Moses cover

Bibelen: Moses

1995 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Paulus cover

Bibelen: Paulus

2000 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Salomon cover

Bibelen: Salomon

1997 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Samson og Delilah cover

Bibelen: Samson og Delilah

1996 - Nicolas Roeg

Bible, The: In the Beginning... cover

Bible, The: In the Beginning...

1966 - John Huston

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries cover

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries

2013 - Christopher Spencer, Crispin Reece, Ton

Billy: The Early Years cover

Billy: The Early Years

2008 - Robby Benson

Birdie & Bogey cover

Birdie & Bogey

2004 - Mike Norris

Black Book cover

Black Book

2006 - Paul Verhoeven

Black Snake Moan cover

Black Snake Moan

2006 - Craig Brewer

Bless You, Prison cover

Bless You, Prison

2002 - Nicolae Margineanu

Blind Side, The cover

Blind Side, The

2009 - John Lee Hancock

Blue Like Jazz cover

Blue Like Jazz

2012 - Steve Taylor

Blue Miracle

Blue Miracle

2021 - Julio Quintana

Board, The cover

Board, The

2009 - Brett Varvel

Body, The cover

Body, The

2001 - Jonas McCord

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace cover

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace

2000 - Eric Till

Book of Daniel, The cover

Book of Daniel, The

2006 - James Frawley, Jeremy Podeswa, Mel Dams

Book of Eli, The cover

Book of Eli, The

2010 - Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

Book of Ruth, The: Journey of Faith cover

Book of Ruth, The: Journey of Faith

2009 - Stephen Patrick Walker

Boondock Saints II, The: All Saints Day cover

Boondock Saints II, The: All Saint

2009 - Troy Duffy

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The cover

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The

2008 - Mark Herman

Break Away

Break Away

2012 - Frans Cronje, Morne Theunissen



2019 - Roxann Dawson

The Bridge

Bridge, The

1978 - Robert N. Hatch

Brigham Young cover

Brigham Young

1940 - Henry Hathaway

Brother Sun, Sister Moon cover

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

1972 - Franco Zeffirelli

Brother White

Brother White

2012 - Brian Herzlinger

The Brothers Karamazov

Brothers Karamazov, The

1958 - Richard Brooks

C Me Dance cover

C Me Dance

2009 - Greg Robbins

Carman: The Champion cover

Carman: The Champion

2001 - Lee Stanley

The Case for Christ

Case for Christ, The

2017 - Jon Gunn

Caught cover


1987 - James F. Collier

Challenge - The Great Debaters,The cover

Challenge - The Great Debaters,The

2007 - Denzel Washington

Charge Over You

Charge Over You

2010 - Regardt Steenekamp

Charlie Wilson's War cover

Charlie Wilson's War

2007 - Mike Nichols

Chasing the Star

Chasing the Star

2017 - Bret Miller



2010 - Arvin N. Berner

Childhood’s End

Childhood’s End

2015 - Nick Hurran

China Cry: A True Story cover

China Cry: A True Story

1990 - James F. Collier

The Chosen

Chosen, The - Sesong 1

2018 - Dallas Jenkins

The Chosen - Sesong 2

Chosen, The - Sesong 2

2021 - Dallas Jenkins

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle

2014 - Corbin Bernsen

Christmas Blessing, The cover

Christmas Blessing, The

2005 - Karen Arthur

The Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle, The

2013 - John Stephenson

Christmas Child cover

Christmas Child

2004 - Bill Ewing

Christmas Comes Home to Canaan

Christmas Comes Home to Canaan

2011 - Neill Fearnley

Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress

2016 - Alan Peterson

Christmas for a Dollar

Christmas for a Dollar

2013 - John Lyde

Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace

2013 - Keith Perna

Christmas Lodge cover

Christmas Lodge

2011 - Terry Ingram

Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, The cover

Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toom

2007 - Bill Clark

Christmas on the Range

Christmas on the Range

2019 - Gary Wheeler

Christmas Oranges

Christmas Oranges

2012 - John Lyde

Christmas Shoes, The cover

Christmas Shoes, The

2002 - Andy Wolk

Christmas Wander

Christmas Wander

2017 - Micah Caronna

Christmas with a Capital C cover

Christmas with a Capital C

2010 - Helmut Schleppi

Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers

Christmas with the Chosen: The Mes

2021 - Dallas Jenkins, Jacob Schwarz

Clancy cover


2009 - Jefferson Moore

Clare and Francis cover

Clare and Francis

2007 - Fabrizio Costa

Click Clack Jack cover

Click Clack Jack

2009 - Ryan Bodie

Close to Jesus: Joseph of Nazareth cover

Close to Jesus: Joseph of Nazareth

2000 - Raffaele Mertes

Close to Jesus: Judas cover

Close to Jesus: Judas

2001 - Raffaele Mertes

Close to Jesus: Mary Magdalene cover

Close to Jesus: Mary Magdalene

2000 - Raffaele Mertes

Close to Jesus: Thomas cover

Close to Jesus: Thomas

2001 - Raffaele Mertes

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

2014 - Dave Alan Johnson

Come Sunday

Come Sunday

2018 - Joshua Marston

Come What May cover

Come What May

2009 - George D. Escobar, Manny Edwards

Confessions of a Prodigal Son

Confessions of a Prodigal Son

2015 - Allan Spiers

Courageous cover


2011 - Alex Kendrick

Creation cover


2009 - Jon Amiel

Crime, The cover

Crime, The

2007 - Joshua Sinclair

Crossing Ways cover

Crossing Ways

2005 - Tom Swaida

Crossing, The cover

Crossing, The

1994 - John Schmidt

Cry from the Mountain cover

Cry from the Mountain

1985 - James F. Collier

The Current

Current, The

2014 - Nikita Zubarev

Cutback cover


2010 - Johnny Remo, Lance Bachelder

Da Vinci Koden cover

Da Vinci Koden

2006 - Ron Howard



2016 - Nancy Paton

Damascus cover


2010 - Khaled el Khaled

Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The cover

Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The

2002 - Peter Care

David & Goliath cover

David & Goliath

1960 - Ferdinando Baldi, Orson Welles, Richard

David & Layla cover

David & Layla

2005 - J. Jonroy Avani

David and Bathsheba cover

David and Bathsheba

1951 - Henry King

Day After Tomorrow, The cover

Day After Tomorrow, The

2004 - Roland Emmerich

Day of the Apocalypse cover

Day of the Apocalypse

2010 - Uwe Boll

De 10 Bud cover

De 10 Bud

2006 - Robert Dornhelm

De fordømtes reise cover

De fordømtes reise

1976 - Stuart Rosenberg

De ti bud cover

De ti bud

1956 - Cecil B. DeMille

Dead Man Walking cover

Dead Man Walking

1995 - Tim Robbins

Deadly Choice cover

Deadly Choice

1982 - Fred Holmes

Death of an Angel cover

Death of an Angel

1986 - Petru Popescu

Deceived cover


2001 - Andre van Heerden

Defiance cover


2008 - Edward Zwick

Demetrius and the Gladiators cover

Demetrius and the Gladiators

1954 - Delmer Daves

Den store barnedåpen cover

Den store barnedåpen

1931 - Einar Sissener, Tancred Ibsen

Det store rittet cover

Det store rittet

1997 - Michael O. Sajbel

Det syvende innseglet cover

Det syvende innseglet

1957 - Ingmar Bergman

DeUsynlige cover


2008 - Erik Poppe

Devil's Arithmetic, The cover

Devil's Arithmetic, The

1999 - Donna Deitch

Devil's Bride

Devil's Bride

2016 - Saara Cantell

Dialtone cover


2009 - Brian Lohr

Diary of a Mad Black Woman cover

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

2005 - Darren Grant

Die Welle cover

Die Welle

2008 - Dennis Gansel



2015 - Allan Arkush, Gideon Raff, Millicent Sh



2019 - Jorunn Myklebust Syversen

Dixie: Changing Habits cover

Dixie: Changing Habits

1983 - George Englund

Djevelens advokat cover

Djevelens advokat

1997 - Taylor Hackford

Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?

2015 - Jon Gunn

Doubt cover


2008 - John Patrick Shanley

Drageløperen cover


2007 - Marc Forster

Edges of the Lord cover

Edges of the Lord

2001 - Yurek Bogayevicz

El Cid cover

El Cid

1961 - Anthony Mann

Elmer Gantry cover

Elmer Gantry

1960 - Richard Brooks

En Gave for Livet cover

En Gave for Livet

2006 - Michael O. Sajbel

En grunn til å synge cover

En grunn til å synge

2000 - Charlie Jordan

En mann fremfor alt cover

En mann fremfor alt

1966 - Fred Zinneman

Encounter, The cover

Encounter, The

2010 - David A. R. White

End of Days cover

End of Days

2005 - Dick Lowry

End of the Harvest cover

End of the Harvest

1995 - Rich Christiano

End of the Spear cover

End of the Spear

2005 - Jim Hanon

End of the Trail

End of the Trail

2019 - Barry Tolli

Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story cover

Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy D

1996 - Michael Ray Rhodes

Escape From Hell cover

Escape From Hell

2000 - Danny Carrales

Esther - Queen of Persia cover

Esther - Queen of Persia

2006 - Michael O. Sajbel

Esther and the King cover

Esther and the King

1960 - Mario Bava, Raoul Walsh

Even the Rain

Even the Rain

2010 - Iciar Bollain

Exodus cover


2007 - Penny Woolcock

Exodus: Gods and Kings cover

Exodus: Gods and Kings

2014 - Ridley Scott

Exorcism of Emily Rose, The cover

Exorcism of Emily Rose, The

2005 - Scott Derrickson

Exorsisten cover


1973 - William Friedkin

Eye of the storm cover

Eye of the storm

1992 - Robert Marcarelli

Facing the Giants cover

Facing the Giants

2006 - Alex Kendrick

Faith Like Potatoes cover

Faith Like Potatoes

2006 - Regardt van den Bergh

Fangene i Auschwitz cover

Fangene i Auschwitz

2008 - Andy DeEmmony

Father Brown - Sesong 1

Father Brown - Sesong 1

2013 - Dominic Keavey, Ian Barber, Matt Carter

Father Brown - Sesong 2

Father Brown - Sesong 2

2014 - Dominic Keavey, Ian Barber, Matt Carter



2011 - Aleksandr Sokurov

Fenced Off

Fenced Off

2011 - Brad Wise

The Fiery Priest - Sesong 1

Fiery Priest - Sesong 1, The

2019 - Myung Woo Lee

Final Solution cover

Final Solution

2001 - Cristobal Krusen

Fireproof cover


2008 - Alex Kendrick

The First Noël

First Noël, The

1961 - Ralph Hulett

First Stone, The cover

First Stone, The

1993 - John Wischner

Five People You Meet in Heaven, The cover

Five People You Meet in Heaven, The

2004 - Lloyd Kramer

Flukten fra Sobibor cover

Flukten fra Sobibor

1987 - Jack Gold

Flywheel cover


2003 - Alex Kendrick

For Such A Time

For Such A Time

2008 - Alyse Nicole Merritt, John Merritt, Ric

Forever Strong

Forever Strong

2008 - Ryan Little

The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Gray

Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Gray, The

2011 - Joe Henline

Dolly Parton's Heartstrings

Fortellinger fra Dolly Partons San

2019 - Andrew Fleming, Erica Dunton, Joe Lazar

Fourth Wise Man, The cover

Fourth Wise Man, The

1985 - Michael Ray Rhodes

Francesco cover


1989 - Liliana Cavani

Francis of Assisi cover

Francis of Assisi

1961 - Michael Curtiz

Freedom of Silence, The cover

Freedom of Silence, The

2011 - Richard Robertson

Freshman Year

Freshman Year

2019 - Jude Okwudiafor Johnson

From the Manger to the Cross cover

From the Manger to the Cross

1912 - Sidney Olcott

Fury to Freedom cover

Fury to Freedom

1985 - Erik Jacobson

Gandhi cover


1982 - Richard Attenborough

Genesis Code, The cover

Genesis Code, The

2010 - C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Read Johnson

Genius Club, The cover

Genius Club, The

2006 - Timothy A. Chey

Geronimo cover


1990 - Edward T. McDougal

Gifted Hands cover

Gifted Hands

2009 - Thomas Carter

God Bless the Broken Road

God Bless the Broken Road

2018 - Harold Cronk

God Friended Me - Sesong 1

God Friended Me - Sesong 1

2018 - Darren Grant, Erin Feeley, Holly Dale,

God's Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness

God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

2018 - Michael Mason

God's Outlaw cover

God's Outlaw

1986 - Tony Tew



2021 - Gary Lee Vincent

Gold Through The Fire cover

Gold Through The Fire

1987 - Edward T. McDougal



2016 - John Hopper

The Good Book

Good Book, The

2014 - Sharon Wilharm

The Good Place - Sesong 1

Good Place - Sesong 1, The

2016 - Beth McCarthy-Miller, Dean Holland, Dre

The Good Place - Sesong 2

Good Place - Sesong 2, The

2017 - Alan Yang, Beth McCarthy-Miller, Claire

Good Shepherd, The cover

Good Shepherd, The

2004 - Lewin Webb

Gospa cover


1995 - Jakov Sedlar

The Gospel Blimp

Gospel Blimp, The

1967 - Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.

Gospel Hill cover

Gospel Hill

2008 - Giancarlo Esposito

The Gospel of John

Gospel of John, The

2014 - David Batty

Gospel Road, The cover

Gospel Road, The

1973 - Robert Elfstrom

Gospel, The cover

Gospel, The

2005 - Rob Hardy

Goyas Gjenferd cover

Goyas Gjenferd

2006 - Milos Forman

Grace Card, The cover

Grace Card, The

2010 - David G. Evans

Grace of God

Grace of God

2014 - Kevan Otto

Grace Unplugged

Grace Unplugged

2013 - Brad J. Silverman

Greatest Story Ever Told, The cover

Greatest Story Ever Told, The

1965 - George Stevens

Grey Zone, The cover

Grey Zone, The

2001 - Tim Blake Nelson

Grønn var min barndoms dal cover

Grønn var min barndoms dal

1941 - John Ford

God’s Not Dead

Gud er ikke død

2014 - Harold Cronk

Gud er ikke død 2

Gud er ikke død 2

2016 - Harold Cronk

Gud griper inn cover

Gud griper inn

2002 - Elia Suleiman

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge

2016 - Mel Gibson

Han skapte en verden cover

Han skapte en verden

1965 - Carol Reed

Hand of God - Sesong 1

Hand of God - Sesong 1

2014 - Andrew Bernstein, Brad Anderson, Ernest

Hans Nielsen Hauge cover

Hans Nielsen Hauge

1961 - Kåre Bergstrøm

Hardflip cover


2012 - Johnny Remo

Harlem Grace cover

Harlem Grace

1995 - Allen Wolf

He Knows My Name

He Knows My Name

2015 - John Lyde

Heart of the Country

Heart of the Country

2013 - John Ward

Heksejakten cover


1996 - Nicholas Hytner

Hell and Mr. Fudge

Hell and Mr. Fudge

2012 - Jeff Wood

Henry Poole Is Here cover

Henry Poole Is Here

2008 - Mark Pellington

Herren og Hans tjenere cover

Herren og Hans tjenere

1959 - Arne Skouen

Hidden Places cover

Hidden Places

2006 - Yelena Lanskaya

Hidden Secrets cover

Hidden Secrets

2006 - Carey Scott

High Priestess - Pope Joan, The cover

High Priestess - Pope Joan, The

2009 - Sönke Wortmann

Higher Ground cover

Higher Ground

2011 - Vera Farmiga

Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy

2020 - Ron Howard

Himmelen er på or'ntli

Himmelen er på or'ntli

2014 - Randall Wallace

Himmelske Samtaler cover

Himmelske Samtaler

2006 - Stephen Deutsch

Historien om Jesus for barn

Historien om Jesus for barn

2000 - John Schmidt

Historien om Marie

Historien om Marie

2014 - Jean-Pierre Améris

Historien om Pi cover

Historien om Pi

2012 - Ang Lee

Hjem til jul cover

Hjem til jul

2010 - Bent Hamer

Holocaust cover


1978 - Marvin J. Chomsky

Holy Smoke cover

Holy Smoke

1999 - Jane Campion

Home Beyond the Sun cover

Home Beyond the Sun

2004 - Colin Chilvers

Home Run cover

Home Run

2013 - David Boyd

Homecoming, The cover

Homecoming, The

1996 - Rocky Lane

Homeless for the Holidays

Homeless for the Holidays

2009 - George A. Johnson

Horsemen of the Apocalypse cover

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

2009 - Jonas Åkerlund

House cover


2008 - Robby Henson

Hva gjør vi nå? cover

Hva gjør vi nå?

2011 - Nadine Labaki

Hva vet vi - Egentlig cover

Hva vet vi - Egentlig

2004 - Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente, William Arntz

I am cover

I am

2010 - John Ward

I Am David cover

I Am David

2003 - Paul Feig

I am Michael

I am Michael

2015 - Justin Kelly

I am... Gabriel cover

I am... Gabriel

2012 - Mike Norris

I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

2018 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

I et speil i en gåte cover

I et speil i en gåte

2008 - Jesper W. Nielsen

I gode og onde dager cover

I gode og onde dager

1999 - John Schmidt

I Miraklenes Tid cover

I Miraklenes Tid

2000 - Derek W. Hayes, Stanislav Sokolov

I rosens navn cover

I rosens navn

1986 - Jean-Jacques Annaud

I skyggen av korset cover

I skyggen av korset

1981 - Robert Day

I Still Believe

I Still Believe

2020 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

I'm in Love with a Church Girl cover

I'm in Love with a Church Girl

2013 - Steve Race

Ildvognene cover


1981 - Hugh Hudson

Imposter, The cover

Imposter, The

2008 - Daniel Millican

In the Arms of Angels cover

In the Arms of Angels

2003 - T. C. Christensen

In the Blink of an Eye cover

In the Blink of an Eye

2009 - Michael Sinclair

In the Name of God

In the Name of God

2013 - Kevan Otto

Inquiry, The cover

Inquiry, The

2006 - Giulio Base

Irena Sendler cover

Irena Sendler

2009 - John Kent Harrison

Island of Grace cover

Island of Grace

2009 - John Lansing

Island, The cover

Island, The

2006 - Pavel Lungin

Jacob, the Man Who Fought with God cover

Jacob, the Man Who Fought with God

1963 - Marcello Baldi

Jazzsangeren cover


1927 - Alan Crosland

Jerusalem cover


1996 - Bille August

Jesu Siste Fristelse cover

Jesu Siste Fristelse

1988 - Martin Scorsese

Jesus cover


1979 - John Krish, Peter Sykes

Jesus av Montreal cover

Jesus av Montreal

1989 - Denys Arcand

Jesus Christ Superstar cover

Jesus Christ Superstar

1973 - Norman Jewison

Jesus of Nazareth cover

Jesus of Nazareth

1977 - Franco Zeffirelli

Jesus' Son cover

Jesus' Son

1999 - Alison Maclean

The Jewish Cardinal

Jewish Cardinal, The

2013 - Ilan Duran Cohen

Joan of Arc cover

Joan of Arc

1999 - Christian Duguay

Johannesevangeliet cover


2003 - Philip Saville

John Hus

John Hus

1977 - Michael Economou

Jomfrukilden cover


1960 - Ingmar Bergman

Joni cover


1980 - James F. Collier

Joseph's Gift cover

Joseph's Gift

1998 - Philippe Mora

Joshua cover


2002 - Jon Purdy

Juana Inés

Juana Inés

2016 - Emilio Maillé, Julián de Tavira, Patric

Judas cover


2004 - Charles Robert Carner

Judas Project, The cover

Judas Project, The

1990 - James H. Barden

Judgment cover


2001 - Andre van Heerden

Kanonbåten San Pablo cover

Kanonbåten San Pablo

1966 - Robert Wise



2019 - Wagner de Assis

Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle

Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christm

2017 - Michael Robison

Karol: A man who became Pope cover

Karol: A man who became Pope

2005 - Giacomo Battiato

Kautokeino-opprøret cover


2008 - Nils Gaup

The Keys of the Kingdom

Keys of the Kingdom, The

1944 - John M. Stahl

Khartoum cover


1966 - Basil Dearden, Eliot Elisofon

King of Kings cover

King of Kings

1961 - Nicholas Ray

King of Kings, The cover

King of Kings, The

1927 - Cecil B. DeMille

King's Faith

King's Faith

2013 - Nicholas DiBella

Klatreturen cover


2002 - John Schmidt

Klokkene i St. Mary cover

Klokkene i St. Mary

1945 - Leo McCarey

Kong David cover

Kong David

1985 - Bruce Beresford

Korset og Springkniven cover

Korset og Springkniven

1970 - Don Murray

Korsfarerne cover


2001 - Dominique Othenin-Girard



2014 - Dietrich Brüggemann

La vie et la passion de Jésus-Christ

La vie et la Passion de Jésus-Christ

1898 - Georges Hatot, Louis Lumière

Lars and the Real Girl cover

Lars and the Real Girl

2007 - Craig Gillespie

Last Flight Out cover

Last Flight Out

2004 - Jerry Jameson

Last Sin Eater, The cover

Last Sin Eater, The

2007 - Michael Landon Jr.

Late One Night cover

Late One Night

2001 - Dave Christiano

Lay It Down cover

Lay It Down

2001 - Michael Cargile

The Least of these: A Christmas Story

Least of these: A Christmas Story,

2018 - Mark Nicolosi

Left Behind cover

Left Behind

2000 - Vic Sarin

Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force cover

Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force

2002 - Bill Corcoran

Left Behind: World At War cover

Left Behind: World At War

2005 - Craig R. Baxley

Leon Morin, Priest cover

Leon Morin, Priest

1961 - Jean-Pierre Melville

Let God

Let God

2013 - William Parker

Letters to Father Jacob cover

Letters to Father Jacob

2009 - Klaus Härö

Letters to God cover

Letters to God

2010 - David Nixon, Patrick Doughtie

Levende Bibel: Apostlenes gjerninger cover

Levende Bibel: Apostlenes gjerninger

1994 - Regardt van den Bergh

Levende Bibel: Matteusevangeliet cover

Levende Bibel: Matteusevangeliet

1993 - Regardt van den Bergh

Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, The cover

Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, The

1905 - Ferdinand Zecca, Lucien Nonguet

Like Arrows

Like Arrows

2018 - Kevin Peeples

Lintu ja kala cover

Lintu ja kala

2005 - Anna Peräaho

Little Boy

Little Boy

2015 - Alejandro Gomez Monteverde

Little Traitor, The cover

Little Traitor, The

2007 - Lynn Roth

London River cover

London River

2009 - Rachid Bouchareb

Lord Help Us cover

Lord Help Us

2007 - Shavar Ross

Lorenzos olje cover

Lorenzos olje

1992 - George Miller

Lost & Found Family, The cover

Lost & Found Family, The

2009 - Barnet Bain

Lost Souls cover

Lost Souls

2000 - Janusz Kaminski

Love Begins cover

Love Begins

2011 - David S. Cass Sr.

Love Comes Softly cover

Love Comes Softly

2003 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love Covers All

Love Covers All

2014 - Kyle Prohaska

Love Exposure cover

Love Exposure

2008 - Shion Sono

Love Finds A Home cover

Love Finds A Home

2009 - David S. Cass Sr.

Love Note cover

Love Note

1987 - Steve Grill

Love Takes Wing cover

Love Takes Wing

2009 - Lou Diamond Phillips

Love, Lights, Hanukkah!

Love, Lights, Hanukkah!

2020 - Mark Jean

Love's Abiding Joy cover

Love's Abiding Joy

2006 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love's Christmas Journey

Love's Christmas Journey

2011 - David S. Cass Sr.

Love's Enduring Promise cover

Love's Enduring Promise

2004 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love's Everlasting Courage cover

Love's Everlasting Courage

2011 - Bradford May

Love's Long Journey cover

Love's Long Journey

2005 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love's Unending Legacy cover

Love's Unending Legacy

2007 - Mark Griffiths

Love's Unfolding Dream cover

Love's Unfolding Dream

2007 - Harvey Frost

Loving Leah

Loving Leah

2009 - Jeff Bleckner

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace

2020 - Rob Diamond

Luther cover


1973 - Guy Green

Luther cover


2003 - Eric Till

Machine Gun Preacher cover

Machine Gun Preacher

2011 - Marc Forster

Magdalena: Released from shame cover

Magdalena: Released from shame

2008 - Charlie Jordan

Man Dancin' cover

Man Dancin'

2003 - Norman Stone

The Man From Earth

Man From Earth, The

2007 - Richard Schenkman

Man of Faith cover

Man of Faith

2002 - Damian Chapa

Marco Polo cover

Marco Polo

2007 - Kevin Connor

Maria Magdalena

Maria Magdalena

2018 - Garth Davis

Marriage Retreat

Marriage Retreat

2011 - David Christiaan

Marrying Father Christmas

Marrying Father Christmas

2018 - David Winning

Martin Luther cover

Martin Luther

1953 - Irving Pichel

Mary and Joe cover

Mary and Joe

2002 - John R. Hamilton

Mary of Nazareth

Mary of Nazareth

2012 - Giacomo Campiotti

Mary, Mother of Jesus cover

Mary, Mother of Jesus

1999 - Kevin Connor

The Masked Saint

Masked Saint, The

2016 - Warren P. Sonoda

Matteusevangeliet cover


1964 - Pier Paolo Pasolini

Me & You, Us, Forever cover

Me & You, Us, Forever

2008 - Dave Christiano

Men jeg så ham dø cover

Men jeg så ham dø

1953 - Henry Koster

Mercy Streets cover

Mercy Streets

2000 - Jon Gunn

Message, The cover

Message, The

1976 - Moustapha Akkad

Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The cover

Messenger: The Story of Joan of Ar

1999 - Luc Besson


Messiah - Sesong 1

2020 - James McTeigue, Kate Woods

Midnight Clear cover

Midnight Clear

2006 - Dallas Jenkins

Midnight Clear (kort versjon) cover

Midnight Clear (kort versjon)

2005 - Dallas Jenkins

Mill and The Cross, The cover

Mill and The Cross, The

2011 - Lech Majewski

Millions cover


2004 - Danny Boyle

Miracle at St. Anna cover

Miracle at St. Anna

2008 - Spike Lee

Miracle Maker

Miracle Maker

2015 - John Lyde

Miracle of the Cards, The cover

Miracle of the Cards, The

2001 - Mark Griffiths

Miracle of the Widow cover

Miracle of the Widow

2009 - Paul Stoos

Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven

2016 - Patricia Riggen

Mirakler til salgs cover

Mirakler til salgs

1992 - Richard Pearce

Miraklet i Lourdes cover

Miraklet i Lourdes

2009 - Jessica Hausner

Missing cover


1992 - Stephen Cadd

Mission, The cover

Mission, The

1986 - Roland Joffe

Missionary Man cover

Missionary Man

2007 - Dolph Lundgren

Molokai: The Story of Father Damien

Molokai: The Story of Father Damien

1999 - Paul Cox

Moment After 2, The cover

Moment After 2, The

2006 - Wes Llewellyn

Moment After, The cover

Moment After, The

1999 - Wes Llewellyn

More Than A Champion cover

More Than A Champion

1980 - Heinz Fussle

Morgenen skal komme cover

Morgenen skal komme

1993 - Michael O. Sajbel

Moses The Lawgiver cover

Moses The Lawgiver

1974 - Gianfranco De Bosio

Most cover


2003 - Bobby Garabedian

Mother Teresa cover

Mother Teresa

2003 - Fabrizio Costa

Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor cover

Mother Teresa: In the Name of God'

1997 - Kevin Connor

My Broken Horse Christmas

My Broken Horse Christmas

2017 - John Lyde

My father, My Lord cover

My father, My Lord

2007 - David Volach

My Last Day

My Last Day

2011 - Barry Cook

My Name is Sarah

My Name is Sarah

2007 - Paul A. Kaufman

My Refuge

My Refuge

2013 - Jeff Morrison

My Summer of Love cover

My Summer of Love

2004 - Pawel Pawlikowski

When Calls the Heart - Sesong 1

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 1

2014 - Anne Wheeler, Michael Landon Jr., Neill

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 2

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 2

2015 - Martin Wood, Michael Landon Jr., Neill

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 3

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 3

2016 - Martin Wood, Michael Landon Jr., Mike R

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 4

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 4

2017 - Martin Wood, Michael Landon Jr., Mike R

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 5

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 5

2018 - Martin Wood, Mike Rohl, Neill Fearnley,

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 6

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 6

2019 - Martin Wood, Mike Rohl, Neill Fearnley,

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 7

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 7

2020 - Martin Wood, Mike Rohl, Neill Fearnley,

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 8

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 8

2021 - Mike Rohl, Peter DeLuise, Siobhan Devine

Når hjertet kaller - Sesong 9

Når hjertet kaller - Sesong 9

2022 - Neill Fearnley, Peter DeLuise, Siobhan

Nattverdsgjestene cover


1963 - Ingmar Bergman

Nazarin cover


1959 - Luis Buñuel

Never Ashamed cover

Never Ashamed

1984 - Edward T. McDougal

New Hope cover

New Hope

2012 - Rodney Ray

New World Order

New World Order

2011 - Duane McCoy

Nikolai cover


1986 - Tony Tew

No Escape From Christmas

No Escape From Christmas

1982 - Stephen Erkel

No Greater Love cover

No Greater Love

2009 - Brad J. Silverman

No Ordinary Shepherd

No Ordinary Shepherd

2014 - John Lyde



2014 - Darren Aronofsky

Noas ark cover

Noas ark

1999 - John Irvin

Noëlle cover


2007 - David Wall

Nonnens historie cover

Nonnens historie

1959 - Fred Zinneman

Not Easily Broken cover

Not Easily Broken

2009 - Bill Duke

Note II: Taking a Chance on Love, The cover

Note II: Taking a Chance on Love, The

2009 - Douglas Barr

Note, The cover

Note, The

2007 - Douglas Barr

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

2018 - Alexandre Avancini

Nothing to Lose 2

Nothing to Lose 2

2019 - Alexandre Avancini

October Baby cover

October Baby

2012 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Offeret cover


1986 - Andrei Tarkovsky

Oh Happy Day cover

Oh Happy Day

2004 - Hella Joof

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

2014 - Rik Swartzwelder

Om Guder og Mennesker cover

Om Guder og Mennesker

2010 - Xavier Beauvois

Omega Code, The cover

Omega Code, The

1999 - Robert Marcarelli

On The Edge cover

On The Edge

2009 - Barbara Sundstrøm

Once We Were Slaves

Once We Were Slaves

2014 - Dallas Jenkins

One Lamb, The cover

One Lamb, The

2009 - Bryan Forrest

One Who Was There cover

One Who Was There

1979 - Donald Hughes

Only Once cover

Only Once

1998 - Rocco DeVilliers

Ordet cover


1955 - Carl Theodor Dreyer

Orphaned Courage

Orphaned Courage

2017 - Josiah Stendel

Osama cover


2003 - Siddiq Barmak

Other Side of Heaven, The cover

Other Side of Heaven, The

2001 - Mitch Davis

Our Fathers cover

Our Fathers

2005 - Dan Curtis

Overcome cover


2007 - Brian Brough



2019 - Alex Kendrick

Oversold cover


2008 - Paul Morrell

Østens brud cover

Østens brud

2004 - Iain Morris

På gjensyn cover

På gjensyn

1987 - Louis Malle



2006 - Jarmo Larsen

Pamela's Prayer cover

Pamela's Prayer

1998 - Dave Christiano

Paper Dream

Paper Dream

2012 - Kendra White

Paradise cover


2013 - Diablo Cody

Passion of Joshua the Jew, The cover

Passion of Joshua the Jew, The

2005 - Pasquale Scimeca

Passion of the Christ, The cover

Passion of the Christ, The

2004 - Mel Gibson

Passion, The cover

Passion, The

2008 - Michael Offer

Pater Amaros Forbrytelse cover

Pater Amaros Forbrytelse

2002 - Carlos Carrera



2004 - Pamela Mason Wagner

Paul, Apostle of Christ

Paul, Apostle of Christ

2018 - Andrew Hyatt

Paul: The Emissary cover

Paul: The Emissary

1997 - Robert Marcarelli

Pawn's Move

Pawn's Move

2011 - Caleb Vetter

The People of the Heavenly Kingdom

People of the Heavenly Kingdom, The

2019 - The Church of Almighty God

Perfect Gift, The cover

Perfect Gift, The

2009 - Jefferson Moore

Perfect Stranger, The cover

Perfect Stranger, The

2005 - Jefferson Moore, Shane Sooter

Pilgrim's Progress cover

Pilgrim's Progress

1979 - Ken Anderson

Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress

2018 - Robert Fernandez

The Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress, The

2017 - David West

Pivot Point

Pivot Point

2011 - Zach Meiners



2003 - Sarah Harding



2015 - Joe Henline

The Potential Inside

Potential Inside, The

2010 - Scotty Curlee

Power Play cover

Power Play

1994 - Rocky Lane

Preachers Wife, The cover

Preachers Wife, The

1996 - Penny Marshall

Pretender, The cover

Pretender, The

1987 - Dave Christiano

Priest cover


1994 - Antonia Bird

Princess Cut

Princess Cut

2015 - Paul Munger

Prodigal, The cover

Prodigal, The

1983 - James F. Collier

Promised a Miracle cover

Promised a Miracle

1988 - Stephen Gyllenhaal

Proposition, The cover

Proposition, The

1998 - Lesli Linka Glatter

Prosecutor, The cover

Prosecutor, The

1983 - Barry Zoeller

Public Life of Sissy Pike: New Girl In Town, The cover

Public Life of Sissy Pike: New Gir

2005 - Willie Aames

Purgatory House cover

Purgatory House

2004 - Cindy Baer

Quo Vadis cover

Quo Vadis

1951 - Anthony Mann, Mervyn LeRoy

Quo Vadis? cover

Quo Vadis?

1985 - Franco Rossi

Radicals, The cover

Radicals, The

1990 - Raul V. Carrera

Rapture, The cover

Rapture, The

1991 - Michael Tolkin

The Red Tent

Red Tent, The

2014 - Roger Young

Reggie's Prayer cover

Reggie's Prayer

1996 - Paul McKellips

Requiem cover


2006 - Hans-Christian Schmid

Restless Ones, The cover

Restless Ones, The

1965 - Dick Ross

Resurrection cover


1999 - Andrea Jobe

Revelation cover


1999 - Andre van Heerden

Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End cover

Revelation Road: The Beginning of

2013 - Gabriel Sabloff

The Ride[]

Ride, The

2012 - Dallas Jenkins

Ring the Bell cover

Ring the Bell

2013 - Thomas Weber



2016 - Kevin Reynolds

Rite, The cover

Rite, The

2011 - Mikael Håfström

Road to Emmaus

Road to Emmaus

2010 - Steve Boettcher

Rogue Saints cover

Rogue Saints

2011 - Adam Lubanski

Rumors of War

Rumors of War

2014 - Paul Tomborello



2017 - Josiah David Warren

Rust cover


2010 - Corbin Bernsen

Så som i himmelen cover

Så som i himmelen

2004 - Kay Pollak

Saint Ralph cover

Saint Ralph

2004 - Michael McGowan

Saint Rita cover

Saint Rita

2004 - Giorgio Capitani

Saints and Soldiers cover

Saints and Soldiers

2003 - Ryan Little

Same Kind of Different as Me

Same Kind of Different as Me

2017 - Michael Carney

Samson and Delilah cover

Samson and Delilah

1949 - Cecil B. DeMille

Samson and Gideon cover

Samson and Gideon

1965 - Francisco Pérez-Dolz, Marcello Baldi

Sarah's Choice cover

Sarah's Choice

2009 - Chad Kapper

Sarah's Friend

Sarah's Friend

2015 - Mandi Christine Kerr

Saras nøkkel cover

Saras nøkkel

2010 - Gilles Paquet-Brenner

Saved! cover


2004 - Brian Dannelly

Saving God cover

Saving God

2008 - Duane Crichton

Saving Sarah Cain cover

Saving Sarah Cain

2007 - Michael Landon Jr.

Saving Winston cover

Saving Winston

2011 - Shane Hawks

Scars That Heal cover

Scars That Heal

1993 - Rocky Lane

Schindlers liste cover

Schindlers liste

1993 - Steven Spielberg

Screen Door Jesus cover

Screen Door Jesus

2003 - Kirk Davis

Second Chance, The cover

Second Chance, The

2006 - Steve Taylor

Second Glance cover

Second Glance

1992 - Rich Christiano

Secret at Arrow Lake cover

Secret at Arrow Lake

2009 - Brad Keller

Secrets in the Snow

Secrets in the Snow

2012 - Brittany Goodwin

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, The cover

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, The

2009 - Rich Christiano

Set Apart cover

Set Apart

2009 - Ralph E. Portillo

Seven cover


1995 - David Fincher

Seven Deadly Words

Seven Deadly Words

2013 - Doc Benson

Seventh Sign, The cover

Seventh Sign, The

1988 - Carl Schultz

The Shack

Shack, The

2017 - Stuart Hazeldine

Shadow of the Sword cover

Shadow of the Sword

2005 - Simon Aeby

Shadowlands cover


1993 - Richard Attenborough

Shooting Dogs cover

Shooting Dogs

2005 - Michael Caton-Jones

Shunning, The cover

Shunning, The

2011 - Michael Landon Jr.

Siblings: Heartstrings cover

Siblings: Heartstrings

2007 - John R. Moore



2016 - Martin Scorsese

Sisters of War cover

Sisters of War

2010 - Brendan Maher

Six: The Mark Unleashed cover

Six: The Mark Unleashed

2004 - Kevin Downes

Sixty Six cover

Sixty Six

2006 - Paul Weiland

Sjakkdronningen fra Katwe

Sjakkdronningen fra Katwe

2016 - Mira Nair

Skjulestedet cover


1975 - James F. Collier

Skuddene i Knutby cover

Skuddene i Knutby

2009 - Karin Swärd

Slakteren fra Lyon cover

Slakteren fra Lyon

2008 - Laurent Jaoui

Small Group

Small Group

2018 - Matt Chastain

Smuggler's Ransom cover

Smuggler's Ransom

2007 - Brandon Rice, Daniel Noa

Sofies Verden cover

Sofies Verden

1999 - Erik Gustavson

Solomon and Sheba cover

Solomon and Sheba

1959 - King Vidor

Som støv fra himmelen cover

Som støv fra himmelen

2009 - Jon Gunn

Son of Man cover

Son of Man

2006 - Mark Dornford-May

Song of Bernadette, The cover

Song of Bernadette, The

1943 - Henry King

Sophie Scholls siste dager cover

Sophie Scholls siste dager

2005 - Marc Rothemund

Soul Surfer cover

Soul Surfer

2011 - Sean McNamara

Sound of a Dirt Road, The cover

Sound of a Dirt Road, The

2009 - Graham D. Alexander

Sound of Music, The cover

Sound of Music, The

1965 - Robert Wise

The Sound of the Spirit

Sound of the Spirit, The

2012 - Michael Robert Wolf

Søndagsengler cover


1996 - Berit Nesheim

Spellemann på taket cover

Spellemann på taket

1971 - Norman Jewison



2015 - Tom McCarthy

St. John in Exile cover

St. John in Exile

1986 - Dan Curtis, Lory Basham Jones

St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland

St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland

2000 - Janson Media

St. Patrick: The Irish Legend

St. Patrick: The Irish Legend

2000 - Robert Hughes

St. Peter cover

St. Peter

2005 - Giulio Base

Standing Firm cover

Standing Firm

2010 - Kyle Prohaska

The Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem, The

1956 - Jan Sadlo, Lotte Reiniger, Vivian Milroy

Statement, The cover

Statement, The

2003 - Norman Jewison

Step Over the Edge cover

Step Over the Edge

1976 - Bruce Lood

Stephen's Test of Faith cover

Stephen's Test of Faith

1998 - Stephen Yake

Stigmata cover


1999 - Rick Ramage, Rupert Wainwright

Sting: Moment of Truth cover

Sting: Moment of Truth

2004 - George King

Story of David, The cover

Story of David, The

1976 - Alex Segal, David Lowell Rich

Story of Jacob and Joseph, The cover

Story of Jacob and Joseph, The

1974 - Mihalis Kakogiannis

Story of Ruth, The cover

Story of Ruth, The

1960 - Henry Koster

Summertime Christmas

Summertime Christmas

2010 - Andrew von Ehrenkrook

Sunday School cover

Sunday School

2008 - Marcello Thedford

Sunday School Musical cover

Sunday School Musical

2008 - Rachel Goldenberg

Svart Narcissus cover

Svart Narcissus

1947 - Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell

Takva - En manns frykt for Gud cover

Takva - En manns frykt for Gud

2006 - Özer Kiziltan

Teenage Christmas

Teenage Christmas

1960 - Harold Schuster

Ten Commandments, The cover

Ten Commandments, The

1923 - Cecil B. DeMille

Tender Mercies cover

Tender Mercies

1983 - Bruce Beresford

Texas Rein

Texas Rein

2016 - Durrell Nelson

The Physician cover

The Physician

2013 - Philipp Stölzl

The Road cover

The Road

2009 - John Hillcoat

Theory Of Everything, The cover

Theory Of Everything, The

2006 - David de Vos

There Will Be Blood cover

There Will Be Blood

2007 - Paul Thomas Anderson

Third Miracle, The cover

Third Miracle, The

1999 - Agnieszka Holland

Thirst cover


2009 - Chan-wook Park

This is our time cover

This is our time

2013 - Lisa Arnold



2015 - Michael Flynn

Though None Go With Me cover

Though None Go With Me

2006 - Armand Mastroianni

Three Wise Boys

Three Wise Boys

1963 - Eddie Dew

Tilgitt cover


1996 - Dale Bradley

Tilly cover


2002 - Stephen Vidano

Time Changer cover

Time Changer

2002 - Rich Christiano

To End All Wars cover

To End All Wars

2001 - David L. Cunningham

To Save a Life cover

To Save a Life

2009 - Brian Baugh

To Verdener cover

To Verdener

2008 - Niels Arden Oplev

Too Saved cover

Too Saved

2007 - Shuaib Mitchell

Torchlighters: The St. Patrick Story

Torchlighters: The St. Patrick Story

2020 - Robert Fernandez

Tortured for Christ

Tortured for Christ

2018 - John Grooters

Touch, The cover

Touch, The

2005 - Jimmy Huckaby

Trade of Innocents

Trade of Innocents

2012 - Christopher M. Bessette

Treasure Blind cover

Treasure Blind

2008 - Brian Shoop

The Tree of Life

Tree of Life, The

2011 - Terrence Malick

Trial of Joan of Arc, The cover

Trial of Joan of Arc, The

1962 - Robert Bresson

Trial, The cover

Trial, The

2010 - Gary Wheeler

Tribulation cover


2000 - Andre van Heerden

Trolljegeren cover


2010 - André Øvredal



2020 - Gloria Stella, Scott Pryor

The Two Popes

Two Popes, The

2019 - Fernando Meirelles

Tyrannosaur cover


2011 - Paddy Considine

Ultimate Life, The cover

Ultimate Life, The

2013 - Michael Landon Jr.



2014 - Angelina Jolie



2012 - Brent McCorkle

Undaunted cover


2011 - Cristobal Krusen

Under Arrest cover

Under Arrest

1983 - William Field



2016 - Marc Steele


Unorthodox- Sesong 1

2020 - Maria Schrader



2019 - Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman

Urtidens drama: David & Goliat cover

Urtidens drama: David & Goliat

1995 - Richard Rich

Veien til Betlehem cover

Veien til Betlehem

2006 - Catherine Hardwicke

Veien til Montana cover

Veien til Montana

2001 - Robert Vernon

Vi har en pave cover

Vi har en pave

2011 - Nanni Moretti



2009 - Margarethe von Trotta

W. cover


2008 - Oliver Stone

Wager, The cover

Wager, The

2007 - Judson Pearce Morgan

Wait Your Turn cover

Wait Your Turn

2009 - Ron Newcomb

Walk The Line cover

Walk The Line

2005 - James Mangold

Walk, The cover

Walk, The

2004 - Thomas Forbes

War Room

War Room

2015 - Alex Kendrick

Warrior Nun

Warrior Nun - Sesong 1

2020 - Agnieszka Smoczynska, Jet Wilkinson, Ma

Waterproof cover


1999 - Barry Berman

Way Back Home, The cover

Way Back Home, The

2006 - Reza Badiyi

The Way of Peace

Way of Peace, The

1947 - Frank Tashlin

What if... cover

What if...

2010 - Dallas Jenkins

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope cover

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope

2009 - Ben Barber, Michael Sewell

When Calls The Heart

When Calls The Heart

2013 - Michael Landon Jr.

Where the Red Fern Grows

Where the Red Fern Grows

1974 - Norman Tokar

Wherever You Are cover

Wherever You Are

2007 - Karl Horstmann

Widow's Might, The cover

Widow's Might, The

2009 - John R. Moore



2016 - Nicholas DiBella

Wise Kids, The cover

Wise Kids, The

2011 - Stephen Cone



2015 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Words by Heart cover

Words by Heart

1985 - Robert Thompson

The Young Believers

Young Believers, The

2012 - Jay Gerren
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