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A.D. The Bible Continues

A.D. The Bible Continues

2015 - Paul Wilmshurst, Brian Kelly, Rob Evans, Tony Mitchell, Ciaran Donnelly

Anno Domini cover

Anno Domini

1985 - Stuart Cooper

Bambus om vinteren cover

Bambus om vinteren

1991 - Bill Myers

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries cover

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries

2013 - Crispin Reece, Tony Mitchell, Christopher Spencer

The Case for Christ

Case for Christ, The

2017 - Jon Gunn

The Current

Current, The

2014 - Nikita Zubarev

Den store barnedåpen cover

Den store barnedåpen

1931 - Tancred Ibsen, Einar Sissener

DeUsynlige cover


2008 - Erik Poppe

End of the Trail

End of the Trail

2019 - Barry Tolli

Faith Like Potatoes cover

Faith Like Potatoes

2006 - Regardt van den Bergh

The Good Book

Good Book, The

2014 - Sharon Wilharm

Hand of God - Sesong 1

Hand of God - Sesong 1

2014 - Stephen Williams, Richard J. Lewis, Ernest R. Dickerson, Andrew Bernstein, Brad Anderson, Mario Van Peebles, Sarah Pia Anderson, Marc Forster, Peter Medak

Jesu Siste Fristelse cover

Jesu Siste Fristelse

1988 - Martin Scorsese

Jesus, Mary and Joey cover

Jesus, Mary and Joey

2006 - James Quattrochi

Man of Faith cover

Man of Faith

2002 - Damian Chapa

Maria Magdalena

Maria Magdalena

2018 - Garth Davis

Matteusevangeliet cover


1964 - Pier Paolo Pasolini

O Brother, Where Art Thou? cover

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

2000 - Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Other Side of Heaven, The cover

Other Side of Heaven, The

2001 - Mitch Davis

Radicals, The cover

Radicals, The

1990 - Raul V. Carrera

The Rev

Rev, The

2002 - Christopher M. Bessette

Rogue Saints cover

Rogue Saints

2011 - Adam Lubanski

Screen Door Jesus cover

Screen Door Jesus

2003 - Kirk Davis

Shadow of the Sword cover

Shadow of the Sword

2005 - Simon Aeby

Tender Mercies cover

Tender Mercies

1983 - Bruce Beresford

Waterproof cover


1999 - Barry Berman



2015 - Jon Erwin, Andrew Erwin
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