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2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus

2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus

2021 - Joshua Wesely, Simon Wesely

90 Minutes in Heaven

90 Minutes in Heaven

2015 - Michael Polish

A Greater Yes cover

A Greater Yes

2009 - Bradley Dorsey

Abel's Field cover

Abel's Field

2012 - Gordie Haakstad

An Interview with God

An Interview with God

2018 - Perry Lang

Angels in the Snow

Angels in the Snow

2015 - George Erschbamer

Away - Sesong 1

Away - Sesong 1

2020 - Bronwen Hughes, Charlotte Brändström, D

Bless The Child cover

Bless The Child

2000 - Chuck Russell

Blue Miracle

Blue Miracle

2021 - Julio Quintana



2019 - Roxann Dawson

Bruce Almighty cover

Bruce Almighty

2003 - Tom Shadyac

The Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle, The

2013 - John Stephenson

Christmas Comes Home to Canaan

Christmas Comes Home to Canaan

2011 - Neill Fearnley

Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress

2016 - Alan Peterson

Dixie: Changing Habits cover

Dixie: Changing Habits

1983 - George Englund

Encounter, The cover

Encounter, The

2010 - David A. R. White

Facing the Giants cover

Facing the Giants

2006 - Alex Kendrick

Faith Like Potatoes cover

Faith Like Potatoes

2006 - Regardt van den Bergh

Faith, Hope & Love

Faith, Hope & Love

2019 - J.J. Englert, Robert Krantz

The Fiery Priest - Sesong 1

Fiery Priest - Sesong 1, The

2019 - Myung Woo Lee

Fireproof cover


2008 - Alex Kendrick

Dolly Parton's Heartstrings

Fortellinger fra Dolly Partons San

2019 - Andrew Fleming, Erica Dunton, Joe Lazar

Frontier Boys, The cover

Frontier Boys, The

2012 - John Grooters

George W. Bush: En troende i Det hvite hus cover

George W. Bush: En troende i Det h

2004 - David W. Balsiger

God Help Me cover

God Help Me

2006 - Reece Tedford

God's Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness

God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

2018 - Michael Mason

Helten i Central Park cover

Helten i Central Park

2004 - Robert Vince

Home Beyond the Sun cover

Home Beyond the Sun

2004 - Colin Chilvers

I am... Gabriel cover

I am... Gabriel

2012 - Mike Norris

In the Arms of Angels cover

In the Arms of Angels

2003 - T. C. Christensen

Island, The cover

Island, The

2006 - Pavel Lungin

Jakten på det bortkomne smykket cover

Jakten på det bortkomne smykket

2004 - Bjørn Olav Hammerstad, Marit Bratlie

Jesus & Josefine cover

Jesus & Josefine

2003 - Carsten Myllerup

Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle

Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christm

2017 - Michael Robison

Letters to Father Jacob cover

Letters to Father Jacob

2009 - Klaus Härö

Letters to God cover

Letters to God

2010 - David Nixon, Patrick Doughtie

Like Arrows

Like Arrows

2018 - Kevin Peeples

List, The cover

List, The

2007 - Gary Wheeler

Love Comes Softly cover

Love Comes Softly

2003 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love's Enduring Promise cover

Love's Enduring Promise

2004 - Michael Landon Jr.

Man of Faith cover

Man of Faith

2002 - Damian Chapa

Message, The cover

Message, The

1976 - Moustapha Akkad

Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven

2016 - Patricia Riggen

Miraklet i Lourdes cover

Miraklet i Lourdes

2009 - Jessica Hausner

Missing cover


1992 - Stephen Cadd

Mother Teresa cover

Mother Teresa

2003 - Fabrizio Costa

My Refuge

My Refuge

2013 - Jeff Morrison

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 4

Når Hjertet Kaller - Sesong 4

2017 - Martin Wood, Michael Landon Jr., Mike R

No Escape From Christmas

No Escape From Christmas

1982 - Stephen Erkel

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

2018 - Alexandre Avancini

Om Guder og Mennesker cover

Om Guder og Mennesker

2010 - Xavier Beauvois

Ondskapens musikk cover

Ondskapens musikk

1995 - Alan Smithee



2019 - Alex Kendrick

Østens brud cover

Østens brud

2004 - Iain Morris

Pamela's Prayer cover

Pamela's Prayer

1998 - Dave Christiano



2015 - Joe Henline

Pray. cover


2007 - Dr. Matt Mitchell

Priest cover


1994 - Antonia Bird

Rebecca St. James: No Secrets cover

Rebecca St. James: No Secrets

1999 - Wm. A. Landers

Reggie's Prayer cover

Reggie's Prayer

1996 - Paul McKellips

The Road to Emmaus, PA

Road to Emmaus, PA, The

2008 - Mark Denney



2017 - Josiah David Warren

Saint Rita cover

Saint Rita

2004 - Giorgio Capitani

Secrets in the Snow

Secrets in the Snow

2012 - Brittany Goodwin

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, The cover

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, The

2009 - Rich Christiano

Small Group

Small Group

2018 - Matt Chastain

Song of Bernadette, The cover

Song of Bernadette, The

1943 - Henry King

Sound of a Dirt Road, The cover

Sound of a Dirt Road, The

2009 - Graham D. Alexander

Standing Firm cover

Standing Firm

2010 - Kyle Prohaska

Tortured for Christ

Tortured for Christ

2018 - John Grooters

Transformasjon cover


1999 - Lisa Knorr, Michael Lienau

Transformasjon II - Guds herlighet brer seg cover

Transformasjon II - Guds herlighet

2001 - George Otis jr., Mark Morache



2019 - Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman

Wager, The cover

Wager, The

2007 - Judson Pearce Morgan

Walk, The cover

Walk, The

2004 - Thomas Forbes

War Room

War Room

2015 - Alex Kendrick

Way Back Home, The cover

Way Back Home, The

2006 - Reza Badiyi

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope cover

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope

2009 - Ben Barber, Michael Sewell



2015 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

The Young Believers

Young Believers, The

2012 - Jay Gerren
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