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A Letter to Dad cover

A Letter to Dad

2009 - Johnny Remo

Amish Grace cover

Amish Grace

2010 - Gregg Champion

Babettes gjestebud cover

Babettes gjestebud

1987 - Gabriel Axel

Belle and the Beast: A Christian Romance cover

Belle and the Beast: A Christian R

2007 - Brian Brough

Between the Walls cover

Between the Walls

2006 - Chris Staron

Black Snake Moan cover

Black Snake Moan

2006 - Craig Brewer

Christmas for a Dollar

Christmas for a Dollar

2013 - John Lyde

Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace

2013 - Keith Perna

Christmas on the Range

Christmas on the Range

2019 - Gary Wheeler

Christmas Oranges

Christmas Oranges

2012 - John Lyde

Close to Jesus: Mary Magdalene cover

Close to Jesus: Mary Magdalene

2000 - Raffaele Mertes

Diary of a Mad Black Woman cover

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

2005 - Darren Grant

Drageløperen cover


2007 - Marc Forster

Find Me cover

Find Me

2009 - Tracy Trost

Fireproof cover


2008 - Alex Kendrick

Dolly Parton's Heartstrings

Fortellinger fra Dolly Partons San

2019 - Andrew Fleming, Erica Dunton, Joe Lazar

Fury to Freedom cover

Fury to Freedom

1985 - Erik Jacobson

Hardflip cover


2012 - Johnny Remo

Henry Poole Is Here cover

Henry Poole Is Here

2008 - Mark Pellington

Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy

2020 - Ron Howard

I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

2018 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Joni cover


1980 - James F. Collier

Love Note cover

Love Note

1987 - Steve Grill

Mercy Streets cover

Mercy Streets

2000 - Jon Gunn

Miracle Maker

Miracle Maker

2015 - John Lyde

Miraklet i Lourdes cover

Miraklet i Lourdes

2009 - Jessica Hausner

Our Fathers cover

Our Fathers

2005 - Dan Curtis

Proposition, The cover

Proposition, The

1998 - Lesli Linka Glatter

Screen Door Jesus cover

Screen Door Jesus

2003 - Kirk Davis

Story of David, The cover

Story of David, The

1976 - Alex Segal, David Lowell Rich



2012 - Brent McCorkle

Waterproof cover


1999 - Barry Berman
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