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Alkohol (43 filmer)

1500 Steps

1500 Steps

2014 - Josh Reid

3D Musicalen cover

3D Musicalen

1997 - Gitten Havneraas

A Letter for Joe

A Letter for Joe

2013 - De Miller

A Question of Faith cover

A Question of Faith

2000 - Tim Disney

Afrikadronningen cover


1951 - John Huston

Against All Hope cover

Against All Hope

1982 - Edward T. McDougal

Angel Doll, The cover

Angel Doll, The

2002 - Alexander Johnston

Any Day

Any Day

2015 - Rustam Branaman

Black Snake Moan cover

Black Snake Moan

2006 - Craig Brewer

Book of Daniel, The cover

Book of Daniel, The

2006 - James Frawley, Jeremy Podeswa, Mel Dams

Bringing Up Bobby cover

Bringing Up Bobby

2009 - Chris Staron

Crossing Ways cover

Crossing Ways

2005 - Tom Swaida

Elmer Gantry cover

Elmer Gantry

1960 - Richard Brooks

Forever Strong

Forever Strong

2008 - Ryan Little

Freshman Year

Freshman Year

2019 - Jude Okwudiafor Johnson

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge

2016 - Mel Gibson

Hell House cover

Hell House

2001 - George Ratliff

Home Run cover

Home Run

2013 - David Boyd

Kautokeino-opprøret cover


2008 - Nils Gaup

Letters to God cover

Letters to God

2010 - David Nixon, Patrick Doughtie

Midnight Clear cover

Midnight Clear

2006 - Dallas Jenkins

Midnight Clear (kort versjon) cover

Midnight Clear (kort versjon)

2005 - Dallas Jenkins

Morgenen skal komme cover

Morgenen skal komme

1993 - Michael O. Sajbel

My Name is Sarah

My Name is Sarah

2007 - Paul A. Kaufman

No Greater Love cover

No Greater Love

2009 - Brad J. Silverman

Noëlle cover


2007 - David Wall

Ondskapens musikk cover

Ondskapens musikk

1995 - Alan Smithee

Prodigal, The cover

Prodigal, The

1983 - James F. Collier

Saving Winston cover

Saving Winston

2011 - Shane Hawks

Som støv fra himmelen cover

Som støv fra himmelen

2009 - Jon Gunn

Tender Mercies cover

Tender Mercies

1983 - Bruce Beresford

There Will Be Blood cover

There Will Be Blood

2007 - Paul Thomas Anderson

They Sold Their Souls For Rock N Roll cover

They Sold Their Souls For Rock N Roll

2004 - Joe Schimmel

To Save a Life cover

To Save a Life

2009 - Brian Baugh

Tournament, The cover

Tournament, The

2009 - Scott Mann

Transformasjon cover


1999 - Lisa Knorr, Michael Lienau

Transformasjon II - Guds herlighet brer seg cover

Transformasjon II - Guds herlighet

2001 - George Otis jr., Mark Morache

Tyrannosaur cover


2011 - Paddy Considine

Undaunted cover


2011 - Cristobal Krusen

W. cover


2008 - Oliver Stone

Walk The Line cover

Walk The Line

2005 - James Mangold

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope cover

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope

2009 - Ben Barber, Michael Sewell

The Young Believers

Young Believers, The

2012 - Jay Gerren
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