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Drama (612 filmer)

1500 Steps

1500 Steps

2014 - Josh Reid

2012 cover


2009 - Roland Emmerich

48 Angels cover

48 Angels

2006 - Marion Gomer

7th Heaven - Sesong 1 cover

7th Heaven - Sesong 1

1996 - Joel F. Feigenbaum, Harry Harris, Burt Brinckerhoff, Harvey S. Laidman, David Semel, Mark Jean, Duwayne Dunham

7th Heaven - Sesong 2 cover

7th Heaven - Sesong 2

1997 - Joel F. Feigenbaum, Harry Harris, Tony Mordente, Burt Brinckerhoff, Harvey S. Laidman, Kevin Inch, David Semel, Gabrielle Beaumont, Les Sheldon

7th Heaven - Sesong 3 cover

7th Heaven - Sesong 3

1999 - Joel J. Feigenbaum, Burt Brinckerhoff, Anson Williams, Tony Mordente, Harvey S. Laidman, Harry Harris, Kevin Inch, David Plenn, Bradley M. Gross, Stephen Collins, Paul Snider

90 Minutes in Heaven

90 Minutes in Heaven

2015 - Michael Polish

A Gift of Miracles

A Gift of Miracles

2015 - Neill Fearnley

A Greater Yes cover

A Greater Yes

2009 - Bradley Dorsey

A Letter for Joe

A Letter for Joe

2013 - De Miller

A Letter to Dad cover

A Letter to Dad

2009 - Johnny Remo

A Long Way Home cover

A Long Way Home

1986 - Bill Myers

A Man Called Peter cover

A Man Called Peter

1955 - Henry Koster

A Matter of Faith

A Matter of Faith

2014 - Rich Christiano

A Mighty Heart cover

A Mighty Heart

2007 - Michael Winterbottom

A Question of Faith cover

A Question of Faith

2000 - Tim Disney

A Shepherd of Pure Heart cover

A Shepherd of Pure Heart

2005 - Keith L. Garside

A Song from the Heart cover

A Song from the Heart

1999 - Marcus Cole

A Time For Miracles cover

A Time For Miracles

1980 - Michael O'Herlihy

A Walk to Remember cover

A Walk to Remember

2002 - Adam Shankman

A.D. The Bible Continues

A.D. The Bible Continues

2015 - Paul Wilmshurst, Brian Kelly, Rob Evans, Tony Mitchell, Ciaran Donnelly

Abel's Field cover

Abel's Field

2012 - Gordie Haakstad

Abraham: The Friend of God cover

Abraham: The Friend of God

2008 - Mohammad Reza Varzi

Afrikadronningen cover


1951 - John Huston

Against All Hope cover

Against All Hope

1982 - Edward T. McDougal

Agent Abbey cover

Agent Abbey

2004 - Stephen Yake

Agnes of God cover

Agnes of God

1985 - Norman Jewison

Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei

2016 - Anne Fontaine

Agora cover


2009 - Alejandro Amenábar

Ali's Wedding

Ali's Wedding

2017 - Jeffrey Walker

Alone Yet Not Alone

Alone Yet Not Alone

2013 - George D. Escobar, Ray Bengston

Amazing Grace cover

Amazing Grace

2006 - Michael Apted

Amen cover


2002 - Costa-Gavras

American, The cover

American, The

2010 - Anton Corbijn

Amish Grace cover

Amish Grace

2010 - Gregg Champion

An Interview with God

An Interview with God

2018 - Perry Lang

An Uncommon Union cover

An Uncommon Union

2004 - John Jackman

Andrej Rubljov cover

Andrej Rubljov

1966 - Andrei Tarkovsky

Angel Doll, The cover

Angel Doll, The

2002 - Alexander Johnston

Angels in the Snow

Angels in the Snow

2015 - George Erschbamer

Anne Frank: The Whole Story

Anne Frank: The Whole Story

2001 - Robert Dornhelm

Anne Franks siste dager cover

Anne Franks siste dager

1988 - John Erman

Anno Domini cover

Anno Domini

1985 - Stuart Cooper

Another Perfect Stranger cover

Another Perfect Stranger

2007 - Jefferson Moore, Shane Sooter

Any Day

Any Day

2015 - Rustam Branaman

Apocalypse cover


1998 - Peter Gerretsen

Apocalypse, The cover

Apocalypse, The

2007 - Justin Jones

Apostelen cover


1997 - Robert Duvall

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper cover

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper

2012 - Gabriel Sabloff

Appointment, The cover

Appointment, The

1991 - Rich Christiano

The Ark

Ark, The

2015 - Kenneth Glenaan

Arn - Riket ved veiens ende cover

Arn - Riket ved veiens ende

2008 - Peter Flinth

Arn - Tempelridderen cover

Arn - Tempelridderen

2007 - Peter Flinth



2007 - Stefan C. Schaefer, Diane Crespo

Asfaltevangeliet cover


2006 - David Åleskjær

Ayn Rands lidenskap cover

Ayn Rands lidenskap

1999 - Christopher Menaul

Babettes gjestebud cover

Babettes gjestebud

1987 - Gabriel Axel

Backroads and Lilies

Backroads and Lilies

2013 - Jefferson Moore

Bakenfor solen cover

Bakenfor solen

1995 - Robin Armstrong

Bambus om vinteren cover

Bambus om vinteren

1991 - Bill Myers

Barabbas cover


1961 - Richard Fleischer

Begynnelsen cover


2000 - Kevin Connor

Behind the Mask cover

Behind the Mask

1999 - Tom McLoughlin

Believer, The cover

Believer, The

2001 - Henry Bean

Bella cover


2006 - Alejandro Gomez Monteverde

Belle and the Beast: A Christian Romance cover

Belle and the Beast: A Christian Romance

2007 - Brian Brough

Ben Hur

Ben Hur

1959 - William Wyler

Ben Hur cover

Ben Hur

2010 - Steve Shill

Between the Walls cover

Between the Walls

2006 - Chris Staron

Beyond the Mask

Beyond the Mask

2015 - Chad Burns

Bibelen: Abraham cover

Bibelen: Abraham

1994 - Joseph Sargent

Bibelen: David cover

Bibelen: David

1997 - Robert Markowitz

Bibelen: Ester cover

Bibelen: Ester

1998 - Raffaele Mertes

Bibelen: Genesis cover

Bibelen: Genesis

1994 - Ermanno Olmi

Bibelen: Jakob cover

Bibelen: Jakob

1994 - Peter Hall

Bibelen: Jeremia cover

Bibelen: Jeremia

1998 - Harry Winer

Bibelen: Jesus cover

Bibelen: Jesus

1999 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Johannes Åpenbaring cover

Bibelen: Johannes Åpenbaring

2002 - Raffaele Mertes

Bibelen: Josef cover

Bibelen: Josef

1995 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Moses cover

Bibelen: Moses

1995 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Paulus cover

Bibelen: Paulus

2000 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Salomon cover

Bibelen: Salomon

1997 - Roger Young

Bibelen: Samson og Delilah cover

Bibelen: Samson og Delilah

1996 - Nicolas Roeg

Bible, The: In the Beginning... cover

Bible, The: In the Beginning...

1966 - John Huston

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries cover

Bible, The: The Epic Miniseries

2013 - Crispin Reece, Tony Mitchell, Christopher Spencer

Billy: The Early Years cover

Billy: The Early Years

2008 - Robby Benson

Birdie & Bogey cover

Birdie & Bogey

2004 - Mike Norris

Black Book cover

Black Book

2006 - Paul Verhoeven

Black Snake Moan cover

Black Snake Moan

2006 - Craig Brewer

Bless You, Prison cover

Bless You, Prison

2002 - Nicolae Margineanu

Blind Side, The cover

Blind Side, The

2009 - John Lee Hancock

Blue Like Jazz cover

Blue Like Jazz

2012 - Steve Taylor

Board, The cover

Board, The

2009 - Brett Varvel

Body, The cover

Body, The

2001 - Jonas McCord

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace cover

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace

2000 - Eric Till

Book of Daniel, The cover

Book of Daniel, The

2006 - Mel Damski, James Frawley, Perry Lang, Jeremy Podeswa, Rob Thompson

Book of Eli, The cover

Book of Eli, The

2010 - Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

Book of Ruth, The: Journey of Faith cover

Book of Ruth, The: Journey of Faith

2009 - Stephen Patrick Walker

Boondock Saints II, The: All Saints Day cover

Boondock Saints II, The: All Saints Day

2009 - Troy Duffy

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The cover

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The

2008 - Mark Herman

Break Away

Break Away

2012 - Morne Theunissen, Frans Cronje

Brigham Young cover

Brigham Young

1940 - Henry Hathaway

Brother Sun, Sister Moon cover

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

1972 - Franco Zeffirelli

Brother White

Brother White

2012 - Brian Herzlinger

The Brothers Karamazov

Brothers Karamazov, The

1958 - Richard Brooks

C Me Dance cover

C Me Dance

2009 - Greg Robbins

Carman: The Champion cover

Carman: The Champion

2001 - Lee Stanley

The Case for Christ

Case for Christ, The

2017 - Jon Gunn

Caught cover


1987 - James F. Collier

Challenge - The Great Debaters,The cover

Challenge - The Great Debaters,The

2007 - Denzel Washington

Charge Over You

Charge Over You

2010 - Regardt Steenekamp

Charlie Wilson's War cover

Charlie Wilson's War

2007 - Mike Nichols



2010 - Arvin N. Berner

Childhood’s End

Childhood’s End

2015 - Nick Hurran

China Cry: A True Story cover

China Cry: A True Story

1990 - James F. Collier

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle

2014 - Corbin Bernsen

Christmas Blessing, The cover

Christmas Blessing, The

2005 - Karen Arthur

The Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle, The

2013 - John Stephenson

Christmas Child cover

Christmas Child

2004 - Bill Ewing

Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace

2013 - Keith Perna

Christmas Lodge cover

Christmas Lodge

2011 - Terry Ingram

Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, The cover

Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, The

2007 - Bill Clark

Christmas on the Range

Christmas on the Range

2019 - Gary Wheeler

Christmas Shoes, The cover

Christmas Shoes, The

2002 - Andy Wolk

Christmas with a Capital C cover

Christmas with a Capital C

2010 - Helmut Schleppi

Clancy cover


2009 - Jefferson Moore

Clare and Francis cover

Clare and Francis

2007 - Fabrizio Costa

Click Clack Jack cover

Click Clack Jack

2009 - Ryan Bodie

Close to Jesus: Joseph of Nazareth cover

Close to Jesus: Joseph of Nazareth

2000 - Raffaele Mertes

Close to Jesus: Judas cover

Close to Jesus: Judas

2001 - Raffaele Mertes

Close to Jesus: Mary Magdalene cover

Close to Jesus: Mary Magdalene

2000 - Raffaele Mertes

Close to Jesus: Thomas cover

Close to Jesus: Thomas

2001 - Raffaele Mertes

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

2014 - Dave Alan Johnson

Come Sunday

Come Sunday

2018 - Joshua Marston

Come What May cover

Come What May

2009 - Manny Edwards, George D. Escobar

Confessions of a Prodigal Son

Confessions of a Prodigal Son

2015 - Allan Spiers

Courageous cover


2011 - Alex Kendrick

Creation cover


2009 - Jon Amiel

Crime, The cover

Crime, The

2007 - Joshua Sinclair

Crossing Ways cover

Crossing Ways

2005 - Tom Swaida

Crossing, The cover

Crossing, The

1994 - John Schmidt

Cry from the Mountain cover

Cry from the Mountain

1985 - James F. Collier

The Current

Current, The

2014 - Nikita Zubarev

Cutback cover


2010 - Lance Bachelder, Johnny Remo

Da Vinci Koden cover

Da Vinci Koden

2006 - Ron Howard

Damascus cover


2010 - Khaled el Khaled

Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The cover

Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The

2002 - Peter Care

David & Goliath cover

David & Goliath

1960 - Ferdinando Baldi, Richard Pottier, Orson Welles

David & Layla cover

David & Layla

2005 - J. Jonroy Avani

David and Bathsheba cover

David and Bathsheba

1951 - Henry King

Day After Tomorrow, The cover

Day After Tomorrow, The

2004 - Roland Emmerich

Day of the Apocalypse cover

Day of the Apocalypse

2010 - Uwe Boll

De 10 Bud cover

De 10 Bud

2006 - Robert Dornhelm

De fordømtes reise cover

De fordømtes reise

1976 - Stuart Rosenberg

De ti bud cover

De ti bud

1956 - Cecil B. DeMille

Dead Man Walking cover

Dead Man Walking

1995 - Tim Robbins

Deadly Choice cover

Deadly Choice

1982 - Fred Holmes

Death of an Angel cover

Death of an Angel

1986 - Petru Popescu

Deceived cover


2001 - Andre van Heerden

Defiance cover


2008 - Edward Zwick

Demetrius and the Gladiators cover

Demetrius and the Gladiators

1954 - Delmer Daves

Den store barnedåpen cover

Den store barnedåpen

1931 - Tancred Ibsen, Einar Sissener

Det store rittet cover

Det store rittet

1997 - Michael O. Sajbel

Det syvende innseglet cover

Det syvende innseglet

1957 - Ingmar Bergman

DeUsynlige cover


2008 - Erik Poppe

Devil's Arithmetic, The cover

Devil's Arithmetic, The

1999 - Donna Deitch

Devil's Bride

Devil's Bride

2016 - Saara Cantell

Dialtone cover


2009 - Brian Lohr

Diary of a Mad Black Woman cover

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

2005 - Darren Grant

Die Welle cover

Die Welle

2008 - Dennis Gansel



2015 - S.J. Clarkson, Allan Arkush, Millicent Shelton, Gideon Raff



2019 - Jorunn Myklebust Syversen

Dixie: Changing Habits cover

Dixie: Changing Habits

1983 - George Englund

Djevelens advokat cover

Djevelens advokat

1997 - Taylor Hackford

Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?

2015 - Jon Gunn

Dolly Parton's Heartstrings

Dolly Parton's Heartstrings

2019 - Liesl Tommy, Wendey Stanzler, Lev L. Spiro, Terry McDonough, Joe Lazarov, Andrew Fleming, Erica Dunton, Timothy Busfield

Doubt cover


2008 - John Patrick Shanley

Drageløperen cover


2007 - Marc Forster

Edges of the Lord cover

Edges of the Lord

2001 - Yurek Bogayevicz

El Cid cover

El Cid

1961 - Anthony Mann

Elmer Gantry cover

Elmer Gantry

1960 - Richard Brooks

En Gave for Livet cover

En Gave for Livet

2006 - Michael O. Sajbel

En grunn til å synge cover

En grunn til å synge

2000 - Charlie Jordan

En mann fremfor alt cover

En mann fremfor alt

1966 - Fred Zinneman

Encounter, The cover

Encounter, The

2010 - David A. R. White

End of Days cover

End of Days

2005 - Dick Lowry

End of the Harvest cover

End of the Harvest

1995 - Rich Christiano

End of the Spear cover

End of the Spear

2005 - Jim Hanon

End of the Trail

End of the Trail

2019 - Barry Tolli

Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story cover

Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story

1996 - Michael Ray Rhodes

Escape From Hell cover

Escape From Hell

2000 - Danny Carrales

Esther - Queen of Persia cover

Esther - Queen of Persia

2006 - Michael O. Sajbel

Esther and the King cover

Esther and the King

1960 - Raoul Walsh, Mario Bava

Even the Rain

Even the Rain

2010 - Iciar Bollain

Exodus cover


2007 - Penny Woolcock

Exodus: Gods and Kings cover

Exodus: Gods and Kings

2014 - Ridley Scott

Exorcism of Emily Rose, The cover

Exorcism of Emily Rose, The

2005 - Scott Derrickson

Exorsisten cover


1973 - William Friedkin

Eye of the storm cover

Eye of the storm

1992 - Robert Marcarelli

Facing the Giants cover

Facing the Giants

2006 - Alex Kendrick

Faith Like Potatoes cover

Faith Like Potatoes

2006 - Regardt van den Bergh

Fangene i Auschwitz cover

Fangene i Auschwitz

2008 - Andy DeEmmony



2011 - Aleksandr Sokurov

Fenced Off

Fenced Off

2011 - Brad Wise

Final Solution cover

Final Solution

2001 - Cristobal Krusen

Fireproof cover


2008 - Alex Kendrick

First Stone, The cover

First Stone, The

1993 - John Wischner

Five People You Meet in Heaven, The cover

Five People You Meet in Heaven, The

2004 - Lloyd Kramer

Flukten fra Sobibor cover

Flukten fra Sobibor

1987 - Jack Gold

Flywheel cover


2003 - Alex Kendrick

For Such A Time

For Such A Time

2008 - Alyse Nicole Merritt, John Merritt, Rick Shorrock

Forever Strong

Forever Strong

2008 - Ryan Little

The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Gray

Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Gray, The

2011 - Joe Henline

Fourth Wise Man, The cover

Fourth Wise Man, The

1985 - Michael Ray Rhodes

Francesco cover


1989 - Liliana Cavani

Francis of Assisi cover

Francis of Assisi

1961 - Michael Curtiz

Freedom of Silence, The cover

Freedom of Silence, The

2011 - Richard Robertson

From the Manger to the Cross cover

From the Manger to the Cross

1912 - Sidney Olcott

Fury to Freedom cover

Fury to Freedom

1985 - Erik Jacobson

Gandhi cover


1982 - Richard Attenborough

Genesis Code, The cover

Genesis Code, The

2010 - C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Read Johnson

Genius Club, The cover

Genius Club, The

2006 - Timothy A. Chey

Geronimo cover


1990 - Edward T. McDougal

Gifted Hands cover

Gifted Hands

2009 - Thomas Carter

God's Outlaw cover

God's Outlaw

1986 - Tony Tew

Gold Through The Fire cover

Gold Through The Fire

1987 - Edward T. McDougal



2016 - John Hopper

The Good Book

Good Book, The

2014 - Sharon Wilharm

The Good Place - Sesong 2

Good Place - Sesong 2, The

2017 - Jude Weng, Michael Schur, Trent O'Donnell, Morgan Sackett, Beth McCarthy-Miller, Drew Goddard, Dean Holland, Alan Yang, Claire Scanlon, Julie Anne Robinson, Rebecca Asher, Lynn Shelton, Linda Mendoza

Good Shepherd, The cover

Good Shepherd, The

2004 - Lewin Webb

Gospa cover


1995 - Jakov Sedlar

The Gospel Blimp

Gospel Blimp, The

1967 - Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.

Gospel Hill cover

Gospel Hill

2008 - Giancarlo Esposito

Gospel Road, The cover

Gospel Road, The

1973 - Robert Elfstrom

Gospel, The cover

Gospel, The

2005 - Rob Hardy

Goyas Gjenferd cover

Goyas Gjenferd

2006 - Milos Forman

Grace Card, The cover

Grace Card, The

2010 - David G. Evans

Grace of God

Grace of God

2014 - Kevan Otto

Grace Unplugged

Grace Unplugged

2013 - Brad J. Silverman

Greatest Story Ever Told, The cover

Greatest Story Ever Told, The

1965 - George Stevens

Grey Zone, The cover

Grey Zone, The

2001 - Tim Blake Nelson

Grønn var min barndoms dal cover

Grønn var min barndoms dal

1941 - John Ford

God’s Not Dead

Gud er ikke død

2014 - Harold Cronk

Gud er ikke død 2

Gud er ikke død 2

2016 - Harold Cronk

Gud griper inn cover

Gud griper inn

2002 - Elia Suleiman

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge

2016 - Mel Gibson

Han skapte en verden cover

Han skapte en verden

1965 - Carol Reed

Hans Nielsen Hauge cover

Hans Nielsen Hauge

1961 - Kåre Bergstrøm

Hardflip cover


2012 - Johnny Remo

Harlem Grace cover

Harlem Grace

1995 - Allen Wolf

He Knows My Name

He Knows My Name

2015 - John Lyde

Heart of the Country

Heart of the Country

2013 - John Ward

Heksejakten cover


1996 - Nicholas Hytner

Hell and Mr. Fudge

Hell and Mr. Fudge

2012 - Jeff Wood

Henry Poole Is Here cover

Henry Poole Is Here

2008 - Mark Pellington

Herren og Hans tjenere cover

Herren og Hans tjenere

1959 - Arne Skouen

Hidden Places cover

Hidden Places

2006 - Yelena Lanskaya

Hidden Secrets cover

Hidden Secrets

2006 - Carey Scott

High Priestess - Pope Joan, The cover

High Priestess - Pope Joan, The

2009 - Sönke Wortmann

Higher Ground cover

Higher Ground

2011 - Vera Farmiga

Himmelen er på or'ntli

Himmelen er på or'ntli

2014 - Randall Wallace

Himmelske Samtaler cover

Himmelske Samtaler

2006 - Stephen Deutsch

Historien om Marie

Historien om Marie

2014 - Jean-Pierre Améris

Historien om Pi cover

Historien om Pi

2012 - Ang Lee

Hjem til jul cover

Hjem til jul

2010 - Bent Hamer

Holocaust cover


1978 - Marvin J. Chomsky

Holy Smoke cover

Holy Smoke

1999 - Jane Campion

Home Beyond the Sun cover

Home Beyond the Sun

2004 - Colin Chilvers

Home Run cover

Home Run

2013 - David Boyd

Homecoming, The cover

Homecoming, The

1996 - Rocky Lane

Horsemen of the Apocalypse cover

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

2009 - Jonas Åkerlund

House cover


2008 - Robby Henson

Hva gjør vi nå? cover

Hva gjør vi nå?

2011 - Nadine Labaki

Hva vet vi - Egentlig cover

Hva vet vi - Egentlig

2004 - William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente

I am cover

I am

2010 - John Ward

I Am David cover

I Am David

2003 - Paul Feig

I am Michael

I am Michael

2015 - Justin Kelly

I am... Gabriel cover

I am... Gabriel

2012 - Mike Norris

I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine

2018 - Jon Erwin, Andrew Erwin

I et speil i en gåte cover

I et speil i en gåte

2008 - Jesper W. Nielsen

I gode og onde dager cover

I gode og onde dager

1999 - John Schmidt

I Miraklenes Tid cover

I Miraklenes Tid

2000 - Derek W. Hayes, Stanislav Sokolov

I rosens navn cover

I rosens navn

1986 - Jean-Jacques Annaud

I skyggen av korset cover

I skyggen av korset

1981 - Robert Day

I'm in Love with a Church Girl cover

I'm in Love with a Church Girl

2013 - Steve Race

Ildvognene cover


1981 - Hugh Hudson

Imposter, The cover

Imposter, The

2008 - Daniel Millican

In the Arms of Angels cover

In the Arms of Angels

2003 - T. C. Christensen

In the Blink of an Eye cover

In the Blink of an Eye

2009 - Michael Sinclair

Inquiry, The cover

Inquiry, The

2006 - Giulio Base

Irena Sendler cover

Irena Sendler

2009 - John Kent Harrison

Island of Grace cover

Island of Grace

2009 - John Lansing

Island, The cover

Island, The

2006 - Pavel Lungin

Jacob, the Man Who Fought with God cover

Jacob, the Man Who Fought with God

1963 - Marcello Baldi

Jazzsangeren cover


1927 - Alan Crosland

Jerusalem cover


1996 - Bille August

Jesu Siste Fristelse cover

Jesu Siste Fristelse

1988 - Martin Scorsese

Jesus cover


1979 - John Krish, Peter Sykes

Jesus av Montreal cover

Jesus av Montreal

1989 - Denys Arcand

Jesus Christ Superstar cover

Jesus Christ Superstar

1973 - Norman Jewison

Jesus of Nazareth cover

Jesus of Nazareth

1977 - Franco Zeffirelli

Jesus' Son cover

Jesus' Son

1999 - Alison Maclean

The Jewish Cardinal

Jewish Cardinal, The

2013 - Ilan Duran Cohen

Joan of Arc cover

Joan of Arc

1999 - Christian Duguay

Johannesevangeliet cover


2003 - Philip Saville

John Hus

John Hus

1977 - Michael Economou

Jomfrukilden cover


1960 - Ingmar Bergman

Joni cover


1980 - James F. Collier

Joseph's Gift cover

Joseph's Gift

1998 - Philippe Mora

Joshua cover


2002 - Jon Purdy

Juana Inés

Juana Inés

2016 - Julián de Tavira, Patricia Arriaga-Jordán, Emilio Maillé

Judas cover


2004 - Charles Robert Carner

Judas Project, The cover

Judas Project, The

1990 - James H. Barden

Judgment cover


2001 - Andre van Heerden

Kanonbåten San Pablo cover

Kanonbåten San Pablo

1966 - Robert Wise



2019 - Wagner de Assis

Karol: A man who became Pope cover

Karol: A man who became Pope

2005 - Giacomo Battiato

Kautokeino-opprøret cover


2008 - Nils Gaup

The Keys of the Kingdom

Keys of the Kingdom, The

1944 - John M. Stahl

Khartoum cover


1966 - Basil Dearden, Eliot Elisofon

King of Kings cover

King of Kings

1961 - Nicholas Ray

King of Kings, The cover

King of Kings, The

1927 - Cecil B. DeMille

King's Faith

King's Faith

2013 - Nicholas DiBella

Klatreturen cover


2002 - John Schmidt

Klokkene i St. Mary cover

Klokkene i St. Mary

1945 - Leo McCarey

Kong David cover

Kong David

1985 - Bruce Beresford

Korset og Springkniven cover

Korset og Springkniven

1970 - Don Murray

Korsfarerne cover


2001 - Dominique Othenin-Girard



2014 - Dietrich Brüggemann

La vie et la passion de Jésus-Christ

La vie et la Passion de Jésus-Christ

1898 - Louis Lumière, Georges Hatot

Lars and the Real Girl cover

Lars and the Real Girl

2007 - Craig Gillespie

Last Flight Out cover

Last Flight Out

2004 - Jerry Jameson

Last Sin Eater, The cover

Last Sin Eater, The

2007 - Michael Landon Jr.

Late One Night cover

Late One Night

2001 - Dave Christiano

Lay It Down cover

Lay It Down

2001 - Michael Cargile

Left Behind cover

Left Behind

2000 - Vic Sarin

Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force cover

Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force

2002 - Bill Corcoran

Left Behind: World At War cover

Left Behind: World At War

2005 - Craig R. Baxley

Leon Morin, Priest cover

Leon Morin, Priest

1961 - Jean-Pierre Melville

Let God

Let God

2013 - William Parker

Letters to Father Jacob cover

Letters to Father Jacob

2009 - Klaus Härö

Letters to God cover

Letters to God

2010 - David Nixon, Patrick Doughtie

Levende Bibel: Apostlenes gjerninger cover

Levende Bibel: Apostlenes gjerninger

1994 - Regardt van den Bergh

Levende Bibel: Matteusevangeliet cover

Levende Bibel: Matteusevangeliet

1993 - Regardt van den Bergh

Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, The cover

Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, The

1905 - Lucien Nonguet, Ferdinand Zecca

Lintu ja kala cover

Lintu ja kala

2005 - Anna Peräaho

Little Boy

Little Boy

2015 - Alejandro Gomez Monteverde

Little Traitor, The cover

Little Traitor, The

2007 - Lynn Roth

London River cover

London River

2009 - Rachid Bouchareb

Lord Help Us cover

Lord Help Us

2007 - Shavar Ross

Lorenzos olje cover

Lorenzos olje

1992 - George Miller

Lost & Found Family, The cover

Lost & Found Family, The

2009 - Barnet Bain

Lost Souls cover

Lost Souls

2000 - Janusz Kaminski

Love Begins cover

Love Begins

2011 - David S. Cass Sr.

Love Comes Softly cover

Love Comes Softly

2003 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love Covers All

Love Covers All

2014 - Kyle Prohaska

Love Exposure cover

Love Exposure

2008 - Shion Sono

Love Finds A Home cover

Love Finds A Home

2009 - David S. Cass Sr.

Love Note cover

Love Note

1987 - Steve Grill

Love Takes Wing cover

Love Takes Wing

2009 - Lou Diamond Phillips

Love's Abiding Joy cover

Love's Abiding Joy

2006 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love's Christmas Journey

Love's Christmas Journey

2011 - David S. Cass Sr.

Love's Enduring Promise cover

Love's Enduring Promise

2004 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love's Everlasting Courage cover

Love's Everlasting Courage

2011 - Bradford May

Love's Long Journey cover

Love's Long Journey

2005 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love's Unending Legacy cover

Love's Unending Legacy

2007 - Mark Griffiths

Love's Unfolding Dream cover

Love's Unfolding Dream

2007 - Harvey Frost

Luther cover


1973 - Guy Green

Luther cover


2003 - Eric Till

Machine Gun Preacher cover

Machine Gun Preacher

2011 - Marc Forster

Magdalena: Released from shame cover

Magdalena: Released from shame

2008 - Charlie Jordan

Man Dancin' cover

Man Dancin'

2003 - Norman Stone

The Man From Earth

Man From Earth, The

2007 - Richard Schenkman

Man of Faith cover

Man of Faith

2002 - Damian Chapa

Marco Polo cover

Marco Polo

2007 - Kevin Connor

Maria Magdalena

Maria Magdalena

2018 - Garth Davis

Marriage Retreat

Marriage Retreat

2011 - David Christiaan

Martin Luther cover

Martin Luther

1953 - Irving Pichel

Mary and Joe cover

Mary and Joe

2002 - John R. Hamilton

Mary of Nazareth

Mary of Nazareth

2012 - Giacomo Campiotti

Mary, Mother of Jesus cover

Mary, Mother of Jesus

1999 - Kevin Connor

Matteusevangeliet cover


1964 - Pier Paolo Pasolini

Me & You, Us, Forever cover

Me & You, Us, Forever

2008 - Dave Christiano

Men jeg så ham dø cover

Men jeg så ham dø

1953 - Henry Koster

Mercy Streets cover

Mercy Streets

2000 - Jon Gunn

Message, The cover

Message, The

1976 - Moustapha Akkad

Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The cover

Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The

1999 - Luc Besson


Messiah - Sesong 1

2020 - Kate Woods, James McTeigue

Midnight Clear cover

Midnight Clear

2006 - Dallas Jenkins

Midnight Clear (kort versjon) cover

Midnight Clear (kort versjon)

2005 - Dallas Jenkins

Mill and The Cross, The cover

Mill and The Cross, The

2011 - Lech Majewski

Millions cover


2004 - Danny Boyle

Miracle at St. Anna cover

Miracle at St. Anna

2008 - Spike Lee

Miracle of the Cards, The cover

Miracle of the Cards, The

2001 - Mark Griffiths

Miracle of the Widow cover

Miracle of the Widow

2009 - Paul Stoos

Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven

2016 - Patricia Riggen

Mirakler til salgs cover

Mirakler til salgs

1992 - Richard Pearce

Miraklet i Lourdes cover

Miraklet i Lourdes

2009 - Jessica Hausner

Missing cover


1992 - Stephen Cadd

Mission, The cover

Mission, The

1986 - Roland Joffe

Missionary Man cover

Missionary Man

2007 - Dolph Lundgren

Molokai: The Story of Father Damien

Molokai: The Story of Father Damien

1999 - Paul Cox

Moment After 2, The cover

Moment After 2, The

2006 - Wes Llewellyn

Moment After, The cover

Moment After, The

1999 - Wes Llewellyn

More Than A Champion cover

More Than A Champion

1980 - Heinz Fussle

Morgenen skal komme cover

Morgenen skal komme

1993 - Michael O. Sajbel

Moses The Lawgiver cover

Moses The Lawgiver

1974 - Gianfranco De Bosio

Most cover


2003 - Bobby Garabedian

Mother Teresa cover

Mother Teresa

2003 - Fabrizio Costa

Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor cover

Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor

1997 - Kevin Connor

My father, My Lord cover

My father, My Lord

2007 - David Volach

My Refuge

My Refuge

2013 - Jeff Morrison

My Summer of Love cover

My Summer of Love

2004 - Pawel Pawlikowski

Nattverdsgjestene cover


1963 - Ingmar Bergman

Nazarin cover


1959 - Luis Buñuel

Never Ashamed cover

Never Ashamed

1984 - Edward T. McDougal

New Hope cover

New Hope

2012 - Rodney Ray

New World Order

New World Order

2011 - Duane McCoy

Nikolai cover


1986 - Tony Tew

No Escape From Christmas

No Escape From Christmas

1982 - Stephen Erkel

No Greater Love cover

No Greater Love

2009 - Brad J. Silverman



2014 - Darren Aronofsky

Noas ark cover

Noas ark

1999 - John Irvin

Noëlle cover


2007 - David Wall

Nonnens historie cover

Nonnens historie

1959 - Fred Zinneman

Not Easily Broken cover

Not Easily Broken

2009 - Bill Duke

Note II: Taking a Chance on Love, The cover

Note II: Taking a Chance on Love, The

2009 - Douglas Barr

Note, The cover

Note, The

2007 - Douglas Barr

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

2018 - Alexandre Avancini

October Baby cover

October Baby

2012 - Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Offeret cover


1986 - Andrei Tarkovsky

Oh Happy Day cover

Oh Happy Day

2004 - Hella Joof

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

2014 - Rik Swartzwelder

Om Guder og Mennesker cover

Om Guder og Mennesker

2010 - Xavier Beauvois

Omega Code, The cover

Omega Code, The

1999 - Robert Marcarelli

On The Edge cover

On The Edge

2009 - Barbara Sundstrøm

One Lamb, The cover

One Lamb, The

2009 - Bryan Forrest

One Who Was There cover

One Who Was There

1979 - Donald Hughes

Only Once cover

Only Once

1998 - Rocco DeVilliers

Ordet cover


1955 - Carl Theodor Dreyer

Osama cover


2003 - Siddiq Barmak

Other Side of Heaven, The cover

Other Side of Heaven, The

2001 - Mitch Davis

Our Fathers cover

Our Fathers

2005 - Dan Curtis

Overcome cover


2007 - Brian Brough

Oversold cover


2008 - Paul Morrell

Østens brud cover

Østens brud

2004 - Iain Morris

På gjensyn cover

På gjensyn

1987 - Louis Malle

Pamela's Prayer cover

Pamela's Prayer

1998 - Dave Christiano

Paper Dream

Paper Dream

2012 - Kendra White

Paradise cover


2013 - Diablo Cody

Passion of Joshua the Jew, The cover

Passion of Joshua the Jew, The

2005 - Pasquale Scimeca

Passion of the Christ, The cover

Passion of the Christ, The

2004 - Mel Gibson

Passion, The cover

Passion, The

2008 - Michael Offer

Pater Amaros Forbrytelse cover

Pater Amaros Forbrytelse

2002 - Carlos Carrera

Paul, Apostle of Christ

Paul, Apostle of Christ

2018 - Andrew Hyatt

Paul: The Emissary cover

Paul: The Emissary

1997 - Robert Marcarelli

Pawn's Move

Pawn's Move

2011 - Caleb Vetter

Perfect Gift, The cover

Perfect Gift, The

2009 - Jefferson Moore

Perfect Stranger, The cover

Perfect Stranger, The

2005 - Jefferson Moore, Shane Sooter

The Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress, The

2017 - David West



2003 - Sarah Harding



2015 - Joe Henline

The Potential Inside

Potential Inside, The

2010 - Scotty Curlee

Power Play cover

Power Play

1994 - Rocky Lane

Preachers Wife, The cover

Preachers Wife, The

1996 - Penny Marshall

Pretender, The cover

Pretender, The

1987 - Dave Christiano

Priest cover


1994 - Antonia Bird

Prodigal, The cover

Prodigal, The

1983 - James F. Collier

Promised a Miracle cover

Promised a Miracle

1988 - Stephen Gyllenhaal

Proposition, The cover

Proposition, The

1998 - Lesli Linka Glatter

Prosecutor, The cover

Prosecutor, The

1983 - Barry Zoeller

Public Life of Sissy Pike: New Girl In Town, The cover

Public Life of Sissy Pike: New Girl In T

2005 - Willie Aames

Purgatory House cover

Purgatory House

2004 - Cindy Baer

Quo Vadis cover

Quo Vadis

1951 - Anthony Mann, Mervyn LeRoy

Quo Vadis? cover

Quo Vadis?

1985 - Franco Rossi

Radicals, The cover

Radicals, The

1990 - Raul V. Carrera

Rapture, The cover

Rapture, The

1991 - Michael Tolkin

The Red Tent

Red Tent, The

2014 - Roger Young

Reggie's Prayer cover

Reggie's Prayer

1996 - Paul McKellips

Requiem cover


2006 - Hans-Christian Schmid

Restless Ones, The cover

Restless Ones, The

1965 - Dick Ross

Resurrection cover


1999 - Andrea Jobe

Revelation cover


1999 - Andre van Heerden

Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End cover

Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End

2013 - Gabriel Sabloff

Ring the Bell cover

Ring the Bell

2013 - Thomas Weber



2016 - Kevin Reynolds

Rite, The cover

Rite, The

2011 - Mikael Håfström

Rogue Saints cover

Rogue Saints

2011 - Adam Lubanski

Rumors of War

Rumors of War

2014 - Paul Tomborello

Rust cover


2010 - Corbin Bernsen

Så som i himmelen cover

Så som i himmelen

2004 - Kay Pollak

Saint Ralph cover

Saint Ralph

2004 - Michael McGowan

Saint Rita cover

Saint Rita

2004 - Giorgio Capitani

Saints and Soldiers cover

Saints and Soldiers

2003 - Ryan Little

Same Kind of Different as Me

Same Kind of Different as Me

2017 - Michael Carney

Samson and Delilah cover

Samson and Delilah

1949 - Cecil B. DeMille

Samson and Gideon cover

Samson and Gideon

1965 - Marcello Baldi, Francisco Pérez-Dolz

Sarah's Choice cover

Sarah's Choice

2009 - Chad Kapper

Sarah's Friend

Sarah's Friend

2015 - Mandi Christine Kerr

Saras nøkkel cover

Saras nøkkel

2010 - Gilles Paquet-Brenner

Saved! cover


2004 - Brian Dannelly

Saving God cover

Saving God

2008 - Duane Crichton

Saving Sarah Cain cover

Saving Sarah Cain

2007 - Michael Landon Jr.

Saving Winston cover

Saving Winston

2011 - Shane Hawks

Scars That Heal cover

Scars That Heal

1993 - Rocky Lane

Schindlers liste cover

Schindlers liste

1993 - Steven Spielberg

Screen Door Jesus cover

Screen Door Jesus

2003 - Kirk Davis

Second Chance, The cover

Second Chance, The

2006 - Steve Taylor

Second Glance cover

Second Glance

1992 - Rich Christiano

Secret at Arrow Lake cover

Secret at Arrow Lake

2009 - Brad Keller

Secrets in the Snow

Secrets in the Snow

2012 - Brittany Goodwin

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, The cover

Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, The

2009 - Rich Christiano

Set Apart cover

Set Apart

2009 - Ralph E. Portillo

Seven cover


1995 - David Fincher

Seven Deadly Words

Seven Deadly Words

2013 - Doc Benson

Seventh Sign, The cover

Seventh Sign, The

1988 - Carl Schultz

The Shack

Shack, The

2017 - Stuart Hazeldine

Shadow of the Sword cover

Shadow of the Sword

2005 - Simon Aeby

Shadowlands cover


1993 - Richard Attenborough

Shooting Dogs cover

Shooting Dogs

2005 - Michael Caton-Jones

Shunning, The cover

Shunning, The

2011 - Michael Landon Jr.

Siblings: Heartstrings cover

Siblings: Heartstrings

2007 - John R. Moore



2016 - Martin Scorsese

Sisters of War cover

Sisters of War

2010 - Brendan Maher

Six: The Mark Unleashed cover

Six: The Mark Unleashed

2004 - Kevin Downes

Sixty Six cover

Sixty Six

2006 - Paul Weiland

Sjakkdronningen fra Katwe

Sjakkdronningen fra Katwe

2016 - Mira Nair

Skjulestedet cover


1975 - James F. Collier

Skuddene i Knutby cover

Skuddene i Knutby

2009 - Karin Swärd

Slakteren fra Lyon cover

Slakteren fra Lyon

2008 - Laurent Jaoui

Smuggler's Ransom cover

Smuggler's Ransom

2007 - Daniel Noa, Brandon Rice

Sofies Verden cover

Sofies Verden

1999 - Erik Gustavson

Solomon and Sheba cover

Solomon and Sheba

1959 - King Vidor

Som støv fra himmelen cover

Som støv fra himmelen

2009 - Jon Gunn

Son of Man cover

Son of Man

2006 - Mark Dornford-May

Song of Bernadette, The cover

Song of Bernadette, The

1943 - Henry King

Sophie Scholls siste dager cover

Sophie Scholls siste dager

2005 - Marc Rothemund

Soul Surfer cover

Soul Surfer

2011 - Sean McNamara

Sound of a Dirt Road, The cover

Sound of a Dirt Road, The

2009 - Graham D. Alexander

Sound of Music, The cover

Sound of Music, The

1965 - Robert Wise

The Sound of the Spirit

Sound of the Spirit, The

2012 - Michael Robert Wolf

Søndagsengler cover


1996 - Berit Nesheim

Spellemann på taket cover

Spellemann på taket

1971 - Norman Jewison



2015 - Tom McCarthy

St. John in Exile cover

St. John in Exile

1986 - Dan Curtis, Lory Basham Jones

St. Peter cover

St. Peter

2005 - Giulio Base

Standing Firm cover

Standing Firm

2010 - Kyle Prohaska

The Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem, The

1956 - Jan Sadlo, Lotte Reiniger, Vivian Milroy

Statement, The cover

Statement, The

2003 - Norman Jewison

Step Over the Edge cover

Step Over the Edge

1976 - Bruce Lood

Stephen's Test of Faith cover

Stephen's Test of Faith

1998 - Stephen Yake

Stigmata cover


1999 - Rupert Wainwright, Rick Ramage

Sting: Moment of Truth cover

Sting: Moment of Truth

2004 - George King

Story of David, The cover

Story of David, The

1976 - David Lowell Rich, Alex Segal

Story of Jacob and Joseph, The cover

Story of Jacob and Joseph, The

1974 - Mihalis Kakogiannis

Story of Ruth, The cover

Story of Ruth, The

1960 - Henry Koster

Sunday School cover

Sunday School

2008 - Marcello Thedford

Sunday School Musical cover

Sunday School Musical

2008 - Rachel Goldenberg

Svart Narcissus cover

Svart Narcissus

1947 - Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger

Takva - En manns frykt for Gud cover

Takva - En manns frykt for Gud

2006 - Özer Kiziltan

Ten Commandments, The cover

Ten Commandments, The

1923 - Cecil B. DeMille

Tender Mercies cover

Tender Mercies

1983 - Bruce Beresford

The Physician cover

The Physician

2013 - Philipp Stölzl

The Road cover

The Road

2009 - John Hillcoat

Theory Of Everything, The cover

Theory Of Everything, The

2006 - David de Vos

There Will Be Blood cover

There Will Be Blood

2007 - Paul Thomas Anderson

Third Miracle, The cover

Third Miracle, The

1999 - Agnieszka Holland

Thirst cover


2009 - Chan-wook Park

This is our time cover

This is our time

2013 - Lisa Arnold

Though None Go With Me cover

Though None Go With Me

2006 - Armand Mastroianni

Three Wise Boys

Three Wise Boys

1963 - Eddie Dew

Tilgitt cover


1996 - Dale Bradley

Tilly cover


2002 - Stephen Vidano

Time Changer cover

Time Changer

2002 - Rich Christiano

To End All Wars cover

To End All Wars

2001 - David L. Cunningham

To Save a Life cover

To Save a Life

2009 - Brian Baugh

To Verdener cover

To Verdener

2008 - Niels Arden Oplev

Too Saved cover

Too Saved

2007 - Shuaib Mitchell

Touch, The cover

Touch, The

2005 - Jimmy Huckaby

Trade of Innocents

Trade of Innocents

2012 - Christopher M. Bessette

Treasure Blind cover

Treasure Blind

2008 - Brian Shoop

Trial of Joan of Arc, The cover

Trial of Joan of Arc, The

1962 - Robert Bresson

Trial, The cover

Trial, The

2010 - Gary Wheeler

Tribulation cover


2000 - Andre van Heerden

Trolljegeren cover


2010 - André Øvredal

The Two Popes

Two Popes, The

2019 - Fernando Meirelles

Tyrannosaur cover


2011 - Paddy Considine

Ultimate Life, The cover

Ultimate Life, The

2013 - Michael Landon Jr.



2014 - Angelina Jolie



2012 - Brent McCorkle

Undaunted cover


2011 - Cristobal Krusen

Under Arrest cover

Under Arrest

1983 - William Field

Urtidens drama: David & Goliat cover

Urtidens drama: David & Goliat

1995 - Richard Rich

Veien til Betlehem cover

Veien til Betlehem

2006 - Catherine Hardwicke

Veien til Montana cover

Veien til Montana

2001 - Robert Vernon

Vi har en pave cover

Vi har en pave

2011 - Nanni Moretti

W. cover


2008 - Oliver Stone

Wager, The cover

Wager, The

2007 - Judson Pearce Morgan

Wait Your Turn cover

Wait Your Turn

2009 - Ron Newcomb

Walk The Line cover

Walk The Line

2005 - James Mangold

Walk, The cover

Walk, The

2004 - Thomas Forbes

War Room

War Room

2015 - Alex Kendrick

Waterproof cover


1999 - Barry Berman

Way Back Home, The cover

Way Back Home, The

2006 - Reza Badiyi

What if... cover

What if...

2010 - Dallas Jenkins

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope cover

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope

2009 - Ben Barber, Michael Sewell

Wherever You Are cover

Wherever You Are

2007 - Karl Horstmann

Widow's Might, The cover

Widow's Might, The

2009 - John R. Moore



2016 - Nicholas DiBella

Wise Kids, The cover

Wise Kids, The

2011 - Stephen Cone

Words by Heart cover

Words by Heart

1985 - Robert Thompson

The Young Believers

Young Believers, The

2012 - Jay Gerren
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