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90 Minutes in Heaven

90 Minutes in Heaven

2015 - Michael Polish

A Gift of Miracles

A Gift of Miracles

2015 - Neill Fearnley

A Time For Miracles cover

A Time For Miracles

1980 - Michael O'Herlihy

Amen cover


2002 - Costa-Gavras

Amish Grace cover

Amish Grace

2010 - Gregg Champion

Appointment, The cover

Appointment, The

1991 - Rich Christiano

Ascension cover


2002 - Karim Hussein

Bibelen: Moses cover

Bibelen: Moses

1995 - Roger Young

Book of Eli, The cover

Book of Eli, The

2010 - Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes

Book of Ruth, The: Journey of Faith cover

Book of Ruth, The: Journey of Faith

2009 - Stephen Patrick Walker

Boondock Saints II, The: All Saints Day cover

Boondock Saints II, The: All Saints Day

2009 - Troy Duffy

Charge Over You

Charge Over You

2010 - Regardt Steenekamp

Courageous cover


2011 - Alex Kendrick

Creation cover


2009 - Jon Amiel

Crossing, The cover

Crossing, The

1994 - John Schmidt

The Current

Current, The

2014 - Nikita Zubarev

Cutback cover


2010 - Lance Bachelder, Johnny Remo

Damien: Omen 2 cover

Damien: Omen 2

1978 - Don Taylor, Mike Hodges

De 10 Bud cover

De 10 Bud

2006 - Robert Dornhelm

De ti bud cover

De ti bud

1956 - Cecil B. DeMille

Dead Man Walking cover

Dead Man Walking

1995 - Tim Robbins

Det syvende innseglet cover

Det syvende innseglet

1957 - Ingmar Bergman

Devil cover


2010 - John Erick Dowdle

Dialtone cover


2009 - Brian Lohr

Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?

2015 - Jon Gunn

En Gave for Livet cover

En Gave for Livet

2006 - Michael O. Sajbel

En hushjelp til besvær cover

En hushjelp til besvær

2005 - Niall Johnson

Escape From Hell cover

Escape From Hell

2000 - Danny Carrales



2011 - Aleksandr Sokurov

Five People You Meet in Heaven, The cover

Five People You Meet in Heaven, The

2004 - Lloyd Kramer

Flukten fra Sobibor cover

Flukten fra Sobibor

1987 - Jack Gold

The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Gray

Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Gray, The

2011 - Joe Henline

Gabriel cover


2007 - Shane Abbess

Gospel, The cover

Gospel, The

2005 - Rob Hardy

Grey Zone, The cover

Grey Zone, The

2001 - Tim Blake Nelson

Hell and Mr. Fudge

Hell and Mr. Fudge

2012 - Jeff Wood

Hell House cover

Hell House

2001 - George Ratliff

Himmelen er på or'ntli

Himmelen er på or'ntli

2014 - Randall Wallace

Historien om Marie

Historien om Marie

2014 - Jean-Pierre Améris

Holocaust cover


1978 - Marvin J. Chomsky

Horsemen of the Apocalypse cover

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

2009 - Jonas Åkerlund

House cover


2008 - Robby Henson

I rosens navn cover

I rosens navn

1986 - Jean-Jacques Annaud

Jerusalem cover


1996 - Bille August

Jesus av Montreal cover

Jesus av Montreal

1989 - Denys Arcand

Jesus' Son cover

Jesus' Son

1999 - Alison Maclean

Jomfrukilden cover


1960 - Ingmar Bergman

Joyful Noise cover

Joyful Noise

2012 - Todd Graff



2014 - Dietrich Brüggemann

Last Sin Eater, The cover

Last Sin Eater, The

2007 - Michael Landon Jr.

Let God

Let God

2013 - William Parker

Lost Angel, The cover

Lost Angel, The

2004 - Dimitri Logothetis

Love Comes Softly cover

Love Comes Softly

2003 - Michael Landon Jr.

Love Note cover

Love Note

1987 - Steve Grill

Love Takes Wing cover

Love Takes Wing

2009 - Lou Diamond Phillips

The Man From Earth

Man From Earth, The

2007 - Richard Schenkman

Miracle at St. Anna cover

Miracle at St. Anna

2008 - Spike Lee

Moses The Lawgiver cover

Moses The Lawgiver

1974 - Gianfranco De Bosio

My father, My Lord cover

My father, My Lord

2007 - David Volach

Not Easily Broken cover

Not Easily Broken

2009 - Bill Duke

Om Guder og Mennesker cover

Om Guder og Mennesker

2010 - Xavier Beauvois

Omen IV: The Awakening cover

Omen IV: The Awakening

1991 - Jorge Montesi, Dominique Othenin-Girard

Omen, The cover

Omen, The

1976 - Richard Donner

Passion of the Christ, The cover

Passion of the Christ, The

2004 - Mel Gibson

Priest cover


2011 - Scott Charles Stewart

Promised a Miracle cover

Promised a Miracle

1988 - Stephen Gyllenhaal

Psalm 21 cover

Psalm 21

2009 - Fredrik Hiller

Purgatory House cover

Purgatory House

2004 - Cindy Baer

Purple State of Mind cover

Purple State of Mind

2008 - Craig Detweiler, John Marks

Resurrection cover


1999 - Russell Mulcahy

Rust cover


2010 - Corbin Bernsen

Saints and Soldiers cover

Saints and Soldiers

2003 - Ryan Little

Sarah's Friend

Sarah's Friend

2015 - Mandi Christine Kerr

Schindlers liste cover

Schindlers liste

1993 - Steven Spielberg

Secret at Arrow Lake cover

Secret at Arrow Lake

2009 - Brad Keller

Seven cover


1995 - David Fincher

The Shack

Shack, The

2017 - Stuart Hazeldine

Shadow of the Sword cover

Shadow of the Sword

2005 - Simon Aeby

Sin Eater, The cover

Sin Eater, The

2003 - Brian Helgeland

Solomon Kane cover

Solomon Kane

2009 - Michael J. Bassett

Solstorm cover


2007 - Leif Lindblom

Stephen's Test of Faith cover

Stephen's Test of Faith

1998 - Stephen Yake

The Road cover

The Road

2009 - John Hillcoat

They Sold Their Souls For Rock N Roll cover

They Sold Their Souls For Rock N Roll

2004 - Joe Schimmel

Thirst cover


2009 - Chan-wook Park

Though None Go With Me cover

Though None Go With Me

2006 - Armand Mastroianni

Tilgitt cover


1996 - Dale Bradley

Tilly cover


2002 - Stephen Vidano

Tournament, The cover

Tournament, The

2009 - Scott Mann



2012 - Brent McCorkle

Walk, The cover

Walk, The

2004 - Thomas Forbes

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope cover

Wheel of Knowing: A Story of Hope

2009 - Ben Barber, Michael Sewell
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